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Chaos in new Metal Slug Wii screens

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Aliens, lasers, giant explosions, extreme cartoon gore - we need this game

It's impossible to take a rubbish screenshot of Metal Slug Anthology, because there's never a moment when it's not kicking off.... read more

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Chaos in new Metal Slug Wii screens

Postby nick_gc » 09 Feb 2007, 16:51

Right, I love Metal Slug so I will be buying this.

But what's the point in posting screenshots of a game we've seen a hundred times before? Hmmmmmmm?


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Postby User removed » 09 Feb 2007, 19:15

yay for metallic anthropods!

*slugs aren't anthropods*

Did i say they were???

NO, i didn't saying anything about slugs being anthropods. I just said Yay anthropods. Im not talking about slugs!!!

Yay metal slugs, BTW.
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