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Gears of War Judgment: Call to Arms map pack out today

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Gears of War Judgment: Call to Arms map pack out today

Postby NEO_SUPERMAN » 23 Apr 2013, 12:18

Can't wait to get home and download this bad boy!

Pew pew!
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Re: Gears of War Judgment: Call to Arms map pack out today

Postby squiddly » 23 Apr 2013, 16:44

"Master at arms" yet more evidence that gears is trying to be COD. This is a kick in the junk to gears vets. Domination sucks. Wheres KOTH? Gears 3 was great, everything they had learned from Gears 1 & 2. Judgment wipes the slate and starts fresh and makes all new mistakes. Cog vs Cog, Start with nades, start with rifle or shotty, nades on L button, I could go on. They have killed gears with this crappy effort. I do like overrun and the campaign.
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Re: Gears of War Judgment: Call to Arms map pack out today

Postby AllusiveTurtle » 24 Apr 2013, 15:34

The JudgEment campaign is superb, and is very challenging on Insane, particularly solo whilst playing the missions on Declassified. Overrun gets old very quickly, Survival is rock hard on the harder difficulties, but is also lacking. Multiplayer doesn’t interest me and I really struggle to tell the reds from the blues (which makes it extremely frustrating). Out of curiosity, does anyone know the rationale behind removing the Locust from Multiplayer?

I was convinced that they would bring back Horde and so knowing that I have put hundreds of hours into Horde on 3 (and a great many into Horde in Gears 2 as well), I purchased the Season Pass. I now regret that decision; it strikes me as odd that the new game mode doesn’t feature in the achievements as you would have though that they would have wanted people to give it a go.

I have to say that many, many hours of play would be required in order to gain the majority of the new achievements, and I think that is the point of them. I believe that because the numbers playing Overrun and Survival are much lower than Epic/PCF anticipated, they have introduced these new achievements in order to entice people to put many hours into these new modes, but they are really no substitute for Horde. I’ve looked at the achievements, and to be honest, they’ve had the opposite effect for me, as I just cannot be bothered to put in the time necessary to obtain them, and so I’ll crack on with something else instead.

Had Horde been included with JudgEment (and I still fail to understand why it wasn’t), I would have been playing it relentlessly, as it is, I feel that I’ve finished the game now and so may as well move on to something else.
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