Next-gen Xbox dev kit points to 'always online'

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Latest Durango leak suggests Kinect and game installs will be mandatory

Screenshots reportedly taken from a Durango software development kit appear to reinforce claims that Microsoft's next console will require an always online internet connection and block second hand games.... read more

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Next-gen Xbox dev kit points to 'always online'

Postby StonecoldMC » 20 Mar 2013, 11:24

Hurry up and reveal your next console, Microsoft!
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Next-gen Xbox dev kit points to 'always online'

Postby illage2 » 20 Mar 2013, 11:25

"Always online"

Well it looks like Microsoft is not making the next xbox then. I wasn't aware that they sold the Xbox division to EA.
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Re: Next-gen Xbox dev kit points to 'always online'

Postby shellster2 » 20 Mar 2013, 11:29

i don't personally have a problem with it being always online. my 360 has always been online.

i can see the pitchforks coming out over this though.
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Next-gen Xbox dev kit points to 'always online'

Postby ingy » 20 Mar 2013, 11:29

Come on microsoft, give us some hard details on the 720, rumours alone has us all running to sony for the next gen, i know it's microsoft's policy not to release any info until they're ready but come on, the P.R. war is all but lost already.
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Next-gen Xbox dev kit points to 'always online'

Postby richomack360 » 20 Mar 2013, 11:31

Durango development hardware features an "always on, always connected design"

No thanks, what if i want to take my xbox with me on a weekend away somewhere, like the Lake District on a very rainy night in ?

"Every Durango console will have a hard drive, although its exact capacity has not been chosen. It will be large enough, however, to hold a large number of games

..and if I fill it ? Will it have 3rd party storage support like the WiiU ?

"Ultimately, Microsoft has asked itself a simple question: who wants to play games on a next-generation Xbox and yet doesn't have access to the internet?


every Durango will be sold with "a new high-fidelity Kinect sensor, which will be required for the system to operate,"

No thanks, never liked motion controls or any guff like that

The next Xbox, codename Durango, is said to utilise an AMD eight-core x64 1.6GHz CPU, a D3D11.x 800MHz graphics solution and 8GB of DDR3 RAM.

Please - don't degenerate this thread into "my PC is better than yours" thread or how important DDR5 or 3 is.
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Next-gen Xbox dev kit points to 'always online'

Postby Get Over Here » 20 Mar 2013, 11:35

Despite always online, Kinect focus and no-used games, I still expect the Next Box to outsell the PS4 in the US and UK, because ultimately consumers are stupid. Especially in those markets.

Look at the new Sim City - easily the worst in the series and with its disgraceful DRM problems, it still set the sales record for the series. If you idiots are gonna keep buying this crap, they you can keep getting fed it.

If the PS4 is clearly more powerful, is game-focused and allows used games, why would any serious gamer go for the new Xbox in its rumoured guise? It's moronic and you are ultimately killing the gaming industry.
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Re: Next-gen Xbox dev kit points to 'always online'

Postby Barry316 » 20 Mar 2013, 11:39

It would be a silly move, not everybody has the same quality net connections. It would be a massive ball ache if the game stopped if you lost the signal or it went out for some reason.

And like Rich has said, what if you want to take your console away to somewhere that has little to no decent Ireland.
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Re: Next-gen Xbox dev kit points to 'always online'

Postby Reegeee » 20 Mar 2013, 11:43

Yeh, these rumours don't sound too promising to be honest. I do tend to move the 360 around the house and have it in different rooms when people come round and I can't always get a decent enough wireless signal for Live to work.

I also don't really want Kinect to be perfectly honest with you.

We'll have to see the presentation and hope this is all rubbish cos the attitude shown here is a bit wrong IMO. It seems to be what the customer can do for Microsoft rather than what Microsoft can do for the customer.

And Baz is spot on there. If your internet drops out and you can't keep playing a single player game? That's a deal breaker for me.
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Re: Next-gen Xbox dev kit points to 'always online'

Postby esdubu » 20 Mar 2013, 11:52

Nowhere does it suggest that the next Xbox HAS to be connected to the internet, only that it is designed to be always connected even in standby so that updates and such can be downloaded as they are available. This is EXACTLY what was announced at the Sony conference for PS4. The Wii has a connected standby mode FFS, and has since 2006, this is not the news story that various websites are making it out to be.
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Re: Next-gen Xbox dev kit points to 'always online'

Postby BlueScorpion91 » 20 Mar 2013, 11:52

I honestly can't see Microsoft giving up a great share of the market away like that. I mean maybe it is really forward thinking and revolutionary, but a mother and father aren't going to like the fact that their little lad or lass is playing a console that has a camera and is always online, it sounds like how Milo got trapped in the telly.

Publishers would like this idea, but I'm not sure retailers would feel confident in pushing it too hard.
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Re: Next-gen Xbox dev kit points to 'always online'

Postby welshy32 » 20 Mar 2013, 11:53

I don't mind periodic checks online, for background updates etc.. but my connection can drop for no reason, so if I lose progress, like so many PC games do these days, then I will be mighty annoyed. Can't see it coming to this though.. Hoping for the best until I hear otherwise
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Re: Next-gen Xbox dev kit points to 'always online'

Postby budge » 20 Mar 2013, 11:55

I'm gonna wait for some solid facts before I dis the new Xbox.
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Re: Next-gen Xbox dev kit points to 'always online'

Postby superfruit » 20 Mar 2013, 11:57

I'm swinging towards the PS4, the Xbox seems more and more consumer unfriendly with each release rumour.
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Re: Next-gen Xbox dev kit points to 'always online'

Postby aidygaga » 20 Mar 2013, 12:13

PS4 it is then
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Re: Next-gen Xbox dev kit points to 'always online'

Postby AJDarkstar » 20 Mar 2013, 12:13

"Large enough to hold several games."
Let's look at a few PS3 games as an example, shall we? Metal Gear Solid 4 is a near-50GB monster. And Uncharted 3 is about 46GB. And that's a system with 512MB RAM (about 416MB usable for games). Higher RAM means games will get bigger. 20GB will soon be a minimum size with the 360's restricting DVD barrier removed. And games may even come on multiple discs.
A 500GB HDD will format to about 463GB. That's not all that many games all of a sudden, is it? 10 games could fill that quite easily.
Hmm. I know disc read speeds will be slow, but with clever data caching it can be done.
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