Assassin's Creed 3: Tyranny of King Washington - Episode 2 D

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Unlock the power of flight in the second episode of Ubisoft's bizarre alternate reality DLC

In the last episode, Connor learned the power of the Wolf Cloak, which allows you to turn invisible as you move between cover. In this episode the power he unlocks is much more dramatic: the power of flight.... read more

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Assassin's Creed 3: Tyranny of King Washington - Episode 2 D

Postby Moribundman » 19 Mar 2013, 12:31

I've posted it elsewhere but some sort of tease concerning Edward Kenway in one of these, whether alt-universe or shared would be awesome. If the first tease of Edward Kenway came from some AC3 DLC it would be a nice tip of the hat and a passing of the torch. It seems the fracture occurs based on Connor letting nice Washington get the Apple of Eden and therefore stopping Desmond (who can handle it) from doing so 230 years later in the original timeline (based on my playthrough of ep1), but the past of the alt-timeline with regard to Haytham seems to have been rewritten so anything could be possible re Edward.

Also, Benedict Arnold DLC should be released for Xbox for season pass holders as a timed exclusive FFS.

1. The missions show up of the xbox map legend for f**ks sake
2. It's now out on the PC Digital Deluxe version so its less a Sony Exclusive and more an "anyone but Xbox" exclusive...
3. Arnold is directly referenced by Connor as someone he knows in Tyranny pt 1 which is a f**king slap in the face for Xbox gamers.

Look Ubi, I paid for a special edition version of the game and I preordered, so half the tat you gave me back with the season pass was already in my game. It is perfectly within your power to do the same with the Arnold DLC.

Or is this a choice of "the full game with stuttering framerate and Vita crossovers" or "the castrated game running at full clip"?
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Re: Assassin's Creed 3: Tyranny of King Washington - Episode

Postby stanu3apien » 20 Mar 2013, 17:18

One comment day after and it's this guy (no offense, this guy). It was amazing! I had trouble keeping up just staring at Conner's wavy pelt-skin. The eagle jump was reminiscent of a Spiderman mechanic, awesome! When Pitcairn pistol-pummeled that guy into oblivion?! You guessed it, awesome.
I stayed up all night (playtime 4hrs), the difficulty of completing mission objectives was ratcheded
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