The Phantom Pain: The Unifying Theory

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VR training, CG Mogren and why 'MGS5' is playing us

Want to know the truth behind one of the most elaborate game unveilings in history? The Phantom Pain might be confusing, but its blurring of reality and fantasy is not only deliberate, but likely a key theme.... read more

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The Phantom Pain: The Unifying Theory

Postby fustacluck » 18 Mar 2013, 18:47

To be fair, it doesn't look like Keighly was duped from the example you gave of the twitter exchange. It looks like he knew it was fake.
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The Phantom Pain: The Unifying Theory

Postby Stan_Goodspeed » 18 Mar 2013, 18:59

Nice article, some insightful remarks here.

I do think, however, than some people read a bit too much into the Ground Zeroes demo last year. The iDroid for instance looks like classic retro-futuristic MGS gadgetry rather than a clue about time-travel and whatnot; as for the Old/Young Snake theory I didn't see anything in the material released so far that contradicts Kojima's official statements, i.e different lighting on the same CG model.

I like the idea of Big Boss being in a coma, but grafting VR training onto it would sound a bit too similar to the Animus from Assassin's Creed. Time will tell...
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Re: The Phantom Pain: The Unifying Theory

Postby Vhyper1985 » 18 Mar 2013, 19:15

If you watch the original trailer shown at the VGAs at 0:29 seconds in the guys who says "on your feet soldier" looks a lot like the Joakim that Keighley interviewed...

Good bit of fun though at least Kojima likes to keep people guessing until the end.
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Re: The Phantom Pain: The Unifying Theory

Postby Bright-Light » 18 Mar 2013, 19:18

New announcements cant come soon enough. I love MGS.
Everytime i think about crawling through the radiation in MGS4 it makes me wanna cry. I was in agony trying to make it out.
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Re: The Phantom Pain: The Unifying Theory

Postby MattyR95 » 18 Mar 2013, 21:00

Kojima is easily the best overall developer for me. Brilliant games and the only one who can generate any excitement for me these days.
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Re: The Phantom Pain: The Unifying Theory

Postby tanukilou » 18 Mar 2013, 21:13

"Twelve Kojimas walk into a bar..."
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Re: The Phantom Pain: The Unifying Theory

Postby kiddoblivion » 19 Mar 2013, 11:14

Why is no one talking about the likelihood of The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes being a "pilot episodes" for Metal Gear Solid 5 as Kojima recently discussed in an interview?
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"The Reality Is No Match For The Legend, I'm Afraid"

Postby Gary Watts » 28 Mar 2013, 20:50

Been reading these articles with much anticipation since the latest trailer; it's fascinating to see the thoughts of another Metal Gear fan. I'll blog at some point about my thoughts considering the new stuff out, but wanted to leave a snapshot here.

I think a line spoken to Meryl in the first of the MGS saga best summarises what we have seen in the "Solid" story so far: "The reality is no match for the legend".

More than just being different characters, I think the tales of Snake and Big Boss also fit into the catagories of The Legend and The Reality. By the end of Solid Snake's arc (MGS, MGS 2, MGS 4), we see Kojima has gone to great lengths to explain virtually everything that could possibly have been construed as supernatural (Mind Control, Telekinesis, A soul taking over another person, Hallucinations, and so on). This represents the "real", and even things that might not have needed an explanation have been tied up and fit into our world.. usually at some point involving nano machines.

In contrast, I feel the Naked Snake/Big Boss story arc (MGS 3, MGS: PO, MGS: PW, MGS V?) has, most of the time, almost gone out of it's way NOT to explain these events (The Boss' stitching flowing over her body like a Snake, the sudden change of colour of flowers following her death, Snake's "Boss Fight" with The Sorrow). I think the game indirectly hints at this by giving, not a Game Over screen, but a Time Paradox screen, occasionally even with Campbell telling you off for causing a time paradox. To me, it points to the idea that what we are seeing are not events that have actually happened, but rather a representation of those events. The legends passed down from one person to another; distilled as an interactive experience (either that we control directly, or that "someone" is experiencing as a VR mission).

I believe that the story/theme of Metal Gear Solid V is all about what happens when both of these "worlds" collide. Zero didn't just want another soldier, but an idol for the next generation. You could even take it further and say it's also about the battle of "Faith" versus "Facts"; is having an explanation for everything always the most suitable way to go forward? People lie about their loved ones to save them from the truth and to prevent harm (e.g. Snake lying to Naomi about Grey Fox's last words at the end of MGS). Conversely, has blind faith always led humanity down the best roads?

I believe this idea fits nicely with the fear of an "always on" society, and also the idea of information control from MGS2. Is what we see really the truth? Or is it censored to show someone elses truth? The gear on Snake's back from the phantom pain also suggests interference from Psycho Mantis. Could those shackles represent the same kind of control as the puppet strings from MGS4? Could this whole experience be Big Boss rejecting these implanted memories? Or this be the conclusion of a social experiment, like Raiden's story in MGS2, from Kojima to us to decide what is actually real?
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Re: The Phantom Pain: The Unifying Theory

Postby Onomatopoeia » 28 Mar 2013, 21:01

Phantom Pain=Tanker
Ground Zeros=Big Shell

That's what it sounds like to me.
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