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Halo 4 DLC: Spartan Ops episode 7 trailer

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New missions launching alongside multiplayer update on Monday

Microsoft has released a trailer for next week's Halo 4 DLC release, Spartan Ops episode seven.... read more

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Halo 4 DLC: Spartan Ops episode 7 trailer

Postby richomack360 » 25 Jan 2013, 14:55

Infinity invaded by Promethean Knights - but I can bet there will be another wandering around the desert level...
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Re: Halo 4 DLC: Spartan Ops episode 7 trailer

Postby chedda memba » 26 Jan 2013, 23:09

Played the first 2 missions in ep 6 so far and not much has changed. It does seem slightly better but not much. Still i take my hat off to 343 they have delivered dare i say it the best Halo since the original (campaign and multiplayer) which is quite the achievement. Bodes well for 5 n 6
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Re: Halo 4 DLC: Spartan Ops episode 7 trailer

Postby CatfishMurphy » 27 Jan 2013, 13:18

Can't help but feel that 343 have been their own worse enemy with Spartan Ops by constantly hyping them up to be this essential episodic expansion of the campaign, when actually they're little more than horde mode challenge maps.

I know they're free and a source of XP so shouldn't grumble really, but a bit more honesty about them would help relieve that faint bitter aftertaste of disappointment that I currently get with them.
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Re: Halo 4 DLC: Spartan Ops episode 7 trailer

Postby Old Skool Gamer » 28 Jan 2013, 08:05

I put my copy up for sale this weekend, my patience rang out, the game stinks of s**t, hackers & glitchers glore nowadays on MP, Spartan Ops are over hyped anyhow and this edition is really repetitive, i'll follow the story online when it ends.

The numbers are dying off everyday now, it will bottom out to around 40,000 or so in the next few months, and CSR is not coming until April, too little too late, the damage has already been done.

I'd axe 343i and employ Infinity Ward or Respawn to make the next Halo before it's too late.

Halo is what got me to go from PS to XBOX, but now it's turned crap I might review both consoles this time around and see what they have to offer.
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Re: Halo 4 DLC: Spartan Ops episode 7 trailer

Postby sean5238 » 28 Jan 2013, 20:08

coming back to read this thread makes me sad as by the lack of comments just goes to highlight what little interest there is in the franchise. some of the time i have spent playing the series in SP and MP alike have been the best times of my life i sh*t you not, and thats no mean feat considering i do have kids and am now the grand old age of 43 :/ but, 343i need to bring back firefight for me and forget all this techno-science BS. we just want to play a halo game and feel like it was worth it.....
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