Video: First footage of Wildman Kickstarter

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Gas Powered Games 'betting the company'

Gas Powered Games has released 'prototype gameplay' footage for Kickstarter action RTS Wildman.... read more

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Video: First footage of Wildman Kickstarter

Postby Uzi77 » 18 Jan 2013, 14:11

A third SupCom would have got my money, mixing the first's scale, with the second's ease of play. This won't be getting my wallet open, but I do hope this doesn't end GPG, and "Betting the company" was a figure of speech. It all seems too generic, and not enough epic scale.
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Re: Video: First footage of Wildman Kickstarter

Postby Malmo » 18 Jan 2013, 22:13

There's still a while to go but at the moment I see it struggling to hit $1.1m, it doesn't really look amazing enough to really grab people's interest which is key for a massive kickstarter. It just looks like warlords battlecry with a single diablo style character at the moment. hopefully future gameplay footage will show it off a bit more, but they're gonna have to make major strides in the next 28 days to get hit that figure. Total annihilation I still play today, its a terrific game, supcom was also a fantastic game for RTS nuts, but I think even supcom would stuggle at a kickstarter, even if plenty would purchase it after release.
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