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Guild Wars 2 update will introduce 'guesting'

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And remove free world transfers

The next update for Guild Wars 2 will go live from January 28, ushering in the 'guesting' feature fans have been asking for.... read more

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Re: Guild Wars 2 update will introduce 'guesting'

Postby Itchy Robot » 17 Jan 2013, 15:54

highlanderjim wrote:too little too late. the game got boring after the first month and the WvWvW was far far too small and basic

Kinda agree with this, i really got tired of how repetitive the gameplay could get, and the questing system made the game feel to routine.
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Re: Guild Wars 2 update will introduce 'guesting'

Postby freds1 » 17 Jan 2013, 22:35

Yep, pretty disappointed by the game as a whole. Boring and repetitive. No longer a grind? Do me a favor! Who the f*ck said that? The first I enjoyed (and "knew", if you know what I mean) and played for years, but this....this one is something else entirely. I just can't take to it :? I DO NOT like a lot of the design decisions. The fun has been sucked right out of it. All that time waiting for it n'all....
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