Lost remade as an old school RPG

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We've seen The Wire and Twilight remade as old school console RPGs, but now the wily folk at College Humor have translated the notoriously baffling Lost series into an hilarious 16-bit blockbuster.... read more

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Lost remade as an old school RPG

Postby alexkidd » 09 Jan 2013, 11:56

let me jump in an get the the moan out of the way before the legitimate moaner arrives.

(clears throat)

THIS Has nothing to do with games, lost is a tV show, thats just a video, just because some stupid guy makes a video that has a game them e doent mean you should post it i remember when cVG.....

(head explodes)
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Re: Lost remade as an old school RPG

Postby Imaduck » 09 Jan 2013, 15:40

Lost was s**t after the first Season or 2 anyways :lol:

Went from being full of mystery and lost, to - well we kind of know what this place is now, all the mystery is gone and it's boring as f**k .... so another 6 seasons then right? :roll:
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Re: Lost remade as an old school RPG

Postby roland82 » 09 Jan 2013, 16:26

Pretty good actually, summed up a lot of the good stuff and the terrible.

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