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Tomb Raider: 'Lara has gone through lots of challenges, and

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Writer, creative director and art director on rebooting an icon

In just a few months the most recognisable female video game character of all time will make her return. The latest Tomb Raider is a reboot that aims to redefine what the both the franchise and its leading lady for a new generation.... read more

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Tomb Raider: 'Lara has gone through lots of challenges, and

Postby TheCrimsonFenix » 05 Jan 2013, 14:59

I'm hoping the survival and hunt gameplay really stands out in this because the very Uncharted look and feel I've been seeing from videos of this really get my goat and makes me weary of it. I know it could be copying from a far worse game but it just really bugs me. The game looks unique in design but the running around, setpieces, wallcover, explosive barrels, up close and personal attacks... it just makes me feel they went the easy route and copied what is popular, much like plenty developers copy the COD formula for their own FPS games. Like I said though, hopefully the survival aspects of the game compliment the rest to the point it doesn't feel like such a dirty clone or something.

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Re: Tomb Raider: 'Lara has gone through lots of challenges,

Postby JustOneMoreGo » 05 Jan 2013, 15:17

This 'new' Tomb Raider game clearly just ticks all the boxes expected of publishers.

Publisher: "We want this game to be like this game because it sells well"
Developer: But it's not, nor ever has been that kind of series and doing so will tear out the heart of what makes the series"
Publisher:...whatever. Just make it like this game that sells well"
Developer: "But..."
Publisher: "Whose paying your wages?"
Developer: "Okay, we'll make it like that game"
Publisher: "Good boy. Now run along and get started on stripping back all that silly exploration nonsense and put a death match mode in with guns. Lots of guns"

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Re: Tomb Raider: 'Lara has gone through lots of challenges,

Postby budge » 05 Jan 2013, 15:33

I agree with the chaps above. Tomb Raider is 60% platforming, 30% puzzle solving and 10% enemies. I'm hoping for a similar ratio for this game but all the videos I've seen doesn't suggest it.
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