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Wii U eShop is more

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Indie developers will set own prices and sales on Nintendo eShop

A spokesperson for Trine developers Frozenbyte has spoken about how Nintendo's Wii U eShop is indie friendly, with a model similar to Apple and Steam.... read more

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Wii U eShop is more

Postby Cogglesz » 19 Nov 2012, 10:53

I'll wait and see about this, Nintendo's 3ds e-shop has been not bad with a few things price wise being totally reasonable while other times seeming to be a rip off, i can't remember how many indies are on the 3DS at the moment but i'd be happy to say atleast about 8 or something around that number, prices are weird on nintendo at the moment though, UK anyway, the prices for some games are actually totally reasonable in US Dollars, but as usual we're left paying nearly double for some games. (Not talking about the retail downloadable games, i'd never go near them!)
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Re: Wii U eShop is more

Postby anakoz » 19 Nov 2012, 11:15

Well so far it's looking good price wise as the 4 main indie games released on the Wii U are between 9.99 and 19.99 (which is for Trine 2, which looks amazing). And if the developers are allowed to have sales, I can see these prices getting very reasonable at some stage later on down the line. I for one never really played indie games on consoles, but so far I have a good few great games for 3DS so I like the way Nintendo is going, and obviously the developers do too which is the main thing.
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Re: Wii U eShop is more

Postby fatherofthenoo » 19 Nov 2012, 12:06

It's good to hear this kind of news. For too long the big three have been dictating content released on their systems. So for indie devs to be given some freedom for a change must be a big draw for them. Hopefully this means we can expect a considerable amount on great content on the eshop.
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Re: Wii U eShop is more

Postby RSebire » 19 Nov 2012, 12:39

So the big old N, has just noticed it has to change its business model. Well done Nintendo.... :roll:
Most of the DS Games are in the app store for sixty nine pence, on the DS there fourty quid. :!: :?: :!:
Do you think this has had anything to do with their decision. :?:
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Re: Wii U eShop is more

Postby Balladeer » 19 Nov 2012, 20:52

More emoticons make everything better! :mrgreen: :x :cry: :twisted: :idea: :o

Wait, no.

I'm liking the look of some of the downloadables on offer, but I didn't really get on with the Wii's indie gems. Never got far into World of Goo. I'll probably end up with Trine 2, Little Inferno and anything looking quirkily Japanese enough.
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Re: Wii U eShop is more

Postby stealth » 19 Nov 2012, 21:57

this is a big deal for indies
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