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Watch the second GTA V trailer remade in GTA IV

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Waiting for Grand Theft Auto V is a bit of a bummer. Sure, it's exciting to deconstruct trailers, speculate on internet forums, and pore over every crumb of info Rockstar deigns to throw at us, but anticipation is no where near as fun as actually playing the game.... read more

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Watch the second GTA V trailer remade in GTA IV

Postby Cogglesz » 19 Nov 2012, 10:36

I think you can let it off with having stiff facial animation, they litrally didn't move their lips at all as it was a dub :lol: but while in cutscenes i did feel IV had great animation in it since they'd be using those motion tracker ball suits to do cutscenes and the trailers, by playing MP3 we can see how far rage has came, and on the PC anyway, its like a whole new engine graphically, performance wise also with improved physics, i think we all know its going to be one hell of a game :) and i can't wait to get my hands on it but if i'm being honest i think i prefered IV's trailers, it was such a dramatic change from the cheesy fun of the last gen's games and to be fair the internet nearly stopped the day IV was revealed, everyone was talking about it and i feel with V you've just got too much of a game to fit into a couple minutes worth of trailer, with Niko's story it could be explained in 2 minutes easy but this one i feel is going to be alot bigger, Had some Lol's with that remake though, the music and train/bus scene near the end went amazingly well :mrgreen:
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