Rainbow 6: Patriots could be pushed to next-gen

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Ubisoft CEO breaks silence surrounding title

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has confirmed that Rainbow 6: Patriots is still in development, and that it may release on next-gen consoles.... read more

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Rainbow 6: Patriots could be pushed to next-gen

Postby TheCrimsonFenix » 13 Nov 2012, 01:28

Nothing says hyped up game that doesn't do anything current gen consoles can't already do more than holding back a game for consoles that will no doubt suffer for the first year or two with games that are all show and no go.

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Re: Rainbow 6: Patriots could be pushed to next-gen

Postby DAEDALUS79 » 13 Nov 2012, 01:48

Damnit, that will mean I have to get a next gen console a lot earlier than planned
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Re: Rainbow 6: Patriots could be pushed to next-gen

Postby KMakawa » 13 Nov 2012, 05:51

I would actually get a next-gen console near release if this was one of the launch titles. :3.
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Re: Rainbow 6: Patriots could be pushed to next-gen

Postby ingy » 13 Nov 2012, 09:12

Just as well, the new game would have been nothing but a cod wannabe.

I'm still playing this online, the servers are busy and for the most part the people who join will use chat and have a good laugh.

There's nothing that plays quite like it online today, (especially with fixed spawns) and the feel of the game will be lost in any new edition that comes out.
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Re: Rainbow 6: Patriots could be pushed to next-gen

Postby 1Nightmare1 » 13 Nov 2012, 18:52

I'm just glad that Ubi is taking their time with this game. I really liked RB6 Vegas when it came out almost when the new gen launched but was disappointed with the second entry because it was strictly more of the same from the first one. I'm also a little worried about Tom Clancy's franchise since most recent titles don't hold water to the quality of the previous once(especially original once but unlike this the original once were more realistic, TC games are more Hollywood now). Despite the franchise staying in the Hollywood world, I hope it will be at least a descent quality game.
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