Wii U video chat requires game closure

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Iwata hopes for 'improvement' despite technical 'hurdles'

Accepting a video call via your Wii U will require you to quit your game in progress, Nintendo has confirmed.... read more

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Wii U video chat requires game closure

Postby Tingles dingle » 12 Nov 2012, 23:52

Bit of a shame you can't just pause the game, but it sounds like they'll be working on that.

It does sees a little daft to me that there is no incoming call alert for when the console is off, but presumably connected like with Wii Connect 24? It would've been nice to have the thing work as a full videophone, seeing as it clearly has the tech to do it.

All in all though these are certainly not major issues, as some of the big N haters will try to make them out to be.

Roll on launch day. :D
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Re: Wii U video chat requires game closure

Postby mrlister » 12 Nov 2012, 23:59

Why bother then? Doesn't everyone have Skype on their smartphones to videochat for free anyway?
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Re: Wii U video chat requires game closure

Postby Megatrons_Fury » 13 Nov 2012, 00:49

My biggest hope for the next gen consoles is for multi windows or tasks that run at the same time like pc's do.

Being able to flip between ingame action and say youtube to see a video of where that elusive collectable is for me a natural evolution, considering how many people on here spend hours on hours playing games whilst having a pc run in the background to check on cvg posts etc means there is a high demand.

Theres no reason this cannot be done right now let alone on next gen consoles, when the wii u video was first run earlier in the year it was clearly hinted at via a video demonstration that this would be the case with nintendo's new console but now it seems that wont be the case, with a second screen (controller) and main tv how easy would this be and how amazing would it be to use.

My friend when he is on his pc playing games can do tons of other stuff at the same time and its awesome, its when you go home and whack your console on that you realise your kinda missing out in lots of ways.
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Re: Wii U video chat requires game closure

Postby stealth » 13 Nov 2012, 04:00

makes sense why
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Re: Wii U video chat requires game closure

Postby agentxnofx » 13 Nov 2012, 08:20

wow, behind the curve of my old cell phone, truly last gen tech.
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Re: Wii U video chat requires game closure

Postby Balladeer » 13 Nov 2012, 09:00

Sounds like there will be a patch for this in future. In the meantime, the feature seems a bit redundant, but the potential's there.
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Re: Wii U video chat requires game closure

Postby fatherofthenoo » 13 Nov 2012, 15:08

What a disappointment. The only time my Wii U will be on is when I'm playing it. So I'll have to save, exit the game, then open the video player. That's hardly convenient. Just imagine if you had to do that every time you wanted to answer your mobile phone :? Nintendo needs to patch this asap. Also, they need to find a way to link the video calls with other devices. Wii U to Wii U isn't going to be ideal if my scattered family are all using Skype on their PCs. Maybe Skype will be an optional download at some point in the future. Fingers crossed! :)
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Re: Wii U video chat requires game closure

Postby XpAcErX » 13 Nov 2012, 18:05

hmm no improvement over Sony then. PS3 has video chat but you cant be in game when you use it either. Never used it because of this.
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