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Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes: Fresh insight, direct from J

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A free-roaming open world. A game with no game overs. Groundbreaking visuals running in real-time on "current-gen" tech. The return of Snake. Welcome to Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.... read more

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Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes: Fresh insight, direct from J

Postby shubhang » 13 Oct 2012, 17:23

i cant wait one more year to play this. MGS 4 is already 4 years old.just release the goddamn game already. :evil: :evil:
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Re: Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes: Fresh insight, direct fr

Postby Stan_Goodspeed » 13 Oct 2012, 23:43

After 25 years at the helm of Metal Gear, Kojima is often accused by detractors of taking the easy route, sticking with the series when he could be inventing something new.

I'll never understand this particular criticism. Over 25 years, MGS has consistently evolved gameplay-wise. While the story was never radically rebooted, each episode makes a point to introduce new concepts: from fixed angles to free camera, camouflage and survival elements, first-person view, RPG/management and now open world gameplay, where so many series rely on annual iterations and never change the formula except for minor tweaks. In the meantime, Kojima produced/wrote/directed Snatcher, Policenauts, and the Boktaï and ZOE series. Hardly a one-hit wonder kind of guy.
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