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NBA 2K13 sets franchise sales record

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First week sales up 49 per cent on those of the previous fastest-seller

NBA 2K13 has become the fastest-selling entry in the basketball series' history.... read more

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NBA 2K13 sets franchise sales record

Postby SavageEvil » 13 Oct 2012, 08:54

Incredible, the madness continues. Yearly updates to sport games that retail for full price and yield a little more than updated rosters and a few "missing" moves. This is the reason why publishers keep up the practice, is because people keep buying it. Sport games should update once every two years, get some life out of that $60 you plunked down on that game. We need a way to let publishers know that we don't need a new sport game every year, the slight improvements don't justify a full price tag when that stuff could have been sent out as DLC for less than a fraction of the price. Same ugly polygonal players, Kevin Durant still doesn't look anything like himself in the game and Kobe still looks like an alien.

I haven't bought a sports game since SNES days, too many yearly updates for my blood. Stupid casuals have made things worse for gamers, updates we don't need keep coming in the form of a new game high price and damn near identical gameplay.
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Re: NBA 2K13 sets franchise sales record

Postby rbt2 » 13 Oct 2012, 15:11

I am gonna be really big headed now and other big words associated with the word big headed.
Flash fuckah springs to mind but I digress.
About this time next munf we will be watching The Magic play NYK if I have googled it right.
Went to see them last time we were there and it really is summat to see.
Now I ain't usually a fan of U.S sports. I am proper Engerlish....footy followed by cricket.....and then golf but this is one American sport I have a bit of time for.
Might get this game.
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