Dishonored goes gold

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Set for release next week after over three years in development

Bethesda has announced that Dishonored has gone gold.... read more

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Dishonored goes gold

Postby EvilWaterman » 01 Oct 2012, 11:14

I just hope it works on PS3!
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Re: Dishonored goes gold

Postby woodins » 01 Oct 2012, 17:17

EvilWaterman wrote:I just hope it works on PS3!

I don't own a PS3 but from what I know about its "achilles heel" memory divide this is more of a "hub based pick ya mission" style affair as opposed to a sprawling memory hogging mess, so should be all good. In fact, after all the stink Bethesda have got over Skyrim, I bet this will be as airtight as my neighbours wife.
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Re: Dishonored goes gold

Postby sijones » 01 Oct 2012, 19:39

Since this is only published by Bethesda not developed by them (it's by Arkane studios who did Dark Messiah of Might and Magic last) I doubt the Skyrim debacle on PS3 will have any effect at all.

I will be getting for 360 though, so it doesn't really matter to me anyway!
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Re: Dishonored goes gold

Postby that-person » 01 Oct 2012, 21:13

It should run fine on PS3, as it's powered by Unreal Engine 3 and that runs fine on it so...
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