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New Zealand Wii U pricing revealed

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Looks like our Kiwi friends are getting a raw deal

Nintendo revealed the pricing for the Australian, European and US markets for the Wii U two weeks ago, and now it's New Zealand's turn, but something tells us they won't be happy.... read more

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New Zealand Wii U pricing revealed

Postby gamefreakVII » 24 Sep 2012, 07:56

So us here in NZ have a choice, leading up to christmas, whether we should purchase a Wii U premium model for $570 or a PS3 Super Slim 500GB Bundle ( including an extra controller, an HDMI cable and 3 PS3 games) for $599. I can't see Wii U sales being very high over here. :? What were Nintendo thinking :?: :?:
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Re: New Zealand Wii U pricing revealed

Postby KippDynamite » 24 Sep 2012, 08:08

Five Hundred and Seventy New Zealand Dollars!!!!!
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Re: New Zealand Wii U pricing revealed

Postby DJLeeZ » 24 Sep 2012, 09:40

Couldnt people in New zealand just order a WiiU from Australia? They'd still be PAL systems. The extra cost of postage would still be much less than buying it there
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Re: New Zealand Wii U pricing revealed

Postby HelloLadies » 24 Sep 2012, 09:45

You poor buggers, and I thought we were getting shafted. Your dollar is 26 cents weaker than ours I really don't understand that pricing. I would be looking into online purchasing from Australia and trying to trim that price down as much as possible.
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Re: New Zealand Wii U pricing revealed

Postby AJDarkstar » 24 Sep 2012, 10:36

Okay, so I have no point of reference as to why that's supposed to be bad, but in GBP it comes out as £290, so to me it sounds pretty reasonable... I'm confused.
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Re: New Zealand Wii U pricing revealed

Postby Balladeer » 24 Sep 2012, 11:01

Fair point, as AJ says: you're not getting it much worse than us. In fact, if that exchange rate is accurate, you're getting it for the NZD equivalent of £10 cheaper! (We're still getting shafted, mind.)

Comparing the NZD prices to international ones without international equivalents is massively sensationalist journalism, CVG. Stop it.
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Re: New Zealand Wii U pricing revealed

Postby Gwellmyn » 24 Sep 2012, 15:18

Well, your still getting a better deal than us in Sweden. The Premium version will cost 4000 swedish kronor. Which is about 450 Euro or 580 US dollar.
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