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Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection 4 dated for PS3/PC

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Final DLC drop touches down in the first week of October

Infinity Ward has confirmed that Modern Warfare 3's Content Collection 4 DLC drop will arrive on PS3 and PC on October 10.... read more

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Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection 4 dated for PS3/PC

Postby bamozzy » 19 Sep 2012, 08:34

Of all the DLC content collections - to me this is the best of them. 5 Full MP Maps!! Personally I wish all the collections had been like this one! Obviously all of these maps can also be played in co-op: Survival mode too.

The Maps themselves are also very good - compared to all other MW3 maps.

Decommission is fun and usually plays very quickly. it is comparatively small and quite open. It is set on a scrapyard for ships and some have been turned into a shanty type village. Some of the wreckage around the outskirts can be used to get a bit more height and longer sight lines but generally this is more an SMG/Assault Rifle type map.

Offshore is set on an Oilrig and feels quite large in terms of actual playable area. there are many buildings, walkways and of course the main platforms too. It is split into 3 main colour coded sections with these walkways etc linking each. Because of the nature of Oilrigs (which has been recreated very well) there is a lot of buildings, routes and levels of verticality. There are a few areas for snipers but in general this is more CQC and this also plays very well.

Parrish is quite small and quite flat too It is set in a small 'Parrish' with a church, bar and small shop around the edges with a lot of rubble and military vehicles creating the rest of the playable area. If not for all the rubble etc then this would be more open but the rubble creates 'pathways' for CQC. Because it is quite small, it is also fast paced. I think it is the smallest map of the 5 on offer and probably similar in size to dome. I think this may look bigger than dome because it is flatter and more square but actual playable area is probably the same.

Gulch I would say is a medium to large size map and set in a Mining area so you have a few wooden mining buildings that seem quite derelict, lots of pathways, crevices (created by water) natural rock bridges and tunnels to play on as well as a few taller rock structures offering cover. This map has more opportunity for sniping than the others but like with the majority of MW3 maps there are areas of more CQC and plenty of flanking opportunities too. Its not as open or as large as Afghan for example but I think that whatever your preferred style of play (from Sniping to shotgunning) this map will offer you areas where that is possible. However personally I think Shotgunning is more limited on this map but if you work a certain area it could be possible to do ok.

Boardwalk is set on a seafront boardwalk. This is probably the most 'fun' map in terms of design It is more rectangular in shape, Medium in size and offers some quite long sight lines along its length. There is a number of buildings that can be accessed and again a lot of flanking routes too. The most fun is an actual working 'fare-ground' game. Its the one where you shoot the mouths of clowns (normally water but bullets in this case) to race objects from left to right. at the end of the race lights flash and there is also a bit of confetti that falls too. However doing this in match can result in the enemy coming round to kill you!

Overall these 5 maps are really amongst the best looking maps ever in a CoD game. They all play well too and personally I don't think any are particularly weak - I would happily play all of these and not skip them. The quality of the DLC maps are in my opinion much better than the disc based ones. I have an Elite subscription and on xbox so don't need to buy the collections but this collection seems like the best one of them all and has a good variety of maps that can also be played in survival so probably the best value of all of the collections too
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