Download Wars: How Nintendo can take on the Big Boys

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If it wants its eShop to flourish, Nintendo must finally 'do online' right, says David Houghton

Between the seething Lovecraftian horror of DS and Wii's friend code system, the non-event of WiiWare, and the relative dearth of online gaming support for the Wii itself, "Nintendo can't do online" has long been a favoured phrase of Ninty's detractors.... read more

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Download Wars: How Nintendo can take on the Big Boys

Postby alan666 » 26 Aug 2012, 23:36

What Nintendo need to do is stop filling the eShop with twenty year old 'Game & Watch' and Gameboy games, people don't want to play theses old games on their cutting edge eighth generation game console, the new content though is very expensive on the eShop & the review or recommendation system is basically none existent, there is nothing in the eShop worth buying, furthermore the videos Nintendo give out for free are very poor & very short, the rear time there is a good one that really shows off the 3D effect you cannot keep it, it gets erased after a couple of weeks, as for the Eurosport videos as good as they are the first 30 secs out of the two minutes is the title sequence, what Nintendo need is to give people what they want & NOT what they think we want.
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Re: Download Wars: How Nintendo can take on the Big Boys

Postby Balladeer » 27 Aug 2012, 16:32

Hey, I like the old GB games! I'd just like something as well as those, is all.
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