Ninja Gaiden: Razor's Edge: Tecmo's gory slasher all set for

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Ninja Gaiden: Razor's Edge: Tecmo's gory slasher all set for

Postby zinaptik » 19 Aug 2012, 16:11

finally played this last week, as a game its not bad if you have never played one and two but compared to them its garbage. all originality, soul, spirit, weapons, monsters, bosses, magic, fiends all gone and replaced by a dull repetitive mess.
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Re: Ninja Gaiden: Razor's Edge: Tecmo's gory slasher all set

Postby SavageEvil » 20 Aug 2012, 05:30

Ha, I for one like NG3 ninpo best, it actually worked and wasn't some useless by product of your machinations, I beat the last two NG games barely every using ninpo only in extreme conditions where I needed to take a breather or save me from certain death. I like the whole charge up your ninpo by pummeling foes and the combo meter that allows you to go into a blood frenzy, but all the other stuff was the same as the other two, minus the multiple weapon weilding(which was a stupid as f8k idea to remove) and other playable characters who were absent made me wonder wtf was Team Ninja thinking at all. To throw salt in an open wound, you battle a dark version of yourself who can wield other weapons, wtf kind of taunt is that Team Ninja?

Let's hope the added multiple weapons, from the old games, vigoorian flail, War Hammer, Unlaboured Flawlessness(favorite piece 'o kit), and also allow to play as at least another character perhaps Hayate or even Ayane. Things that make me want to kick the entire Team Ninja in the ass is the fact that these idiots will make Dead or Alive and showcase characters from NG whom you never get to use in any NG game released. What kind of garbage use of characters is this? Why can't these idiots build a bloody co-op NG game already and fix that stupid camera and for goodness sakes give this ninja the damn ability to perform Ukemi, I'm sick and tired of the bs, this fool can jump out of an airplane/helicopter sail down and land on the ground, but get's hip tossed and can't reduce the damage by using Ukemi, wtf Team Ninja. 3 games later and your super ninja is still dumb to basics of tuck and roll, what the hell kind of dojo did he train in? There's an old 360 game with some super Ninja and that game was actually loads better than this mess of a game, it was a bit cinematic at times but the abilities of the character was actually useful and he was actually able to move like a ninja unlike Hayabusa over here, give it a try it's called Ninja Blade or something like that. 3rd person like NG but actually fun with a weird anime out of this world story and cinematic flair.
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