Ubisoft launches Uplay PC platform, offers select titles for

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Ubisoft has launched Uplay PC, a new application that acts as a digital distribution platform and community hub for the publisher's PC customers.... read more

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Ubisoft launches Uplay PC platform, offers select titles for

Postby Drusus » 16 Aug 2012, 20:39

I thought Uplay had been around for a while, I have a few games that force me to go through Uplay already. Maybe this is a big update to the system, I remember it annoying the hell out of me in I think Splinter Cell Conviction to the point that I uninstalled. I hate having to load up loads of programs and sign in and have my passport and retina scanned and blood checked and birth certificate checked just to play a game.

I tend to uninstall games that require lots of pre game checks and keep games that just go straight to the game installed. I'll have a look at Uplay again and I hope they've made it easier to just play and buy games, if it's like Origin I'll avoid.
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Re: Ubisoft launches Uplay PC platform, offers select titles

Postby Yellow6 » 17 Aug 2012, 00:59

I'm with Drusus on this.
I'd sworn off Ubisoft for over a year because of always online DRM but the steam sale sucked me in to buy Assassins Creed 2 recently.
The day after I installed it the headlines were full of stuff about how Uplay had left a backdoor open so anyone could come along and take control of your PC.
When I tried to get the patch from Uplay it was ridiculously unhelpful :x
As long as they don't have their games pirated they are happy to let all their customers have their bank accounts emptied, id's stolen and PC's added to giant botnets.
Well from now on even if a game is free from Ubisoft I won't touch it.
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Re: Ubisoft launches Uplay PC platform, offers select titles

Postby MPH » 17 Aug 2012, 13:41

One thing that I don't believe has been mentioned: after purchasing through this platform you have 30 days to download your title before you have to pay an extra "fee" to get the opportunity to download again.

Scumbag move Ubisoft. I've steered well clear of your PC games due to the draconian DRM measures you use. Now this? Is this really how you expect to pull in PC gamers?
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