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Kid Icarus: Uprising series 2 AR Cards coming from August 3

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Nintendo begins distribution of new environmental AR cards

Nintendo will begin distributing 'Series 2' of Kid Icarus: Uprising's AR Cards as of August 3, it confirmed today.... read more

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Kid Icarus: Uprising series 2 AR Cards coming from August 3

Postby mattdark » 03 Aug 2012, 07:29

Sounds like as much of a faff as the original set, considering they were just as annoying to get hold of. Aside from a few promotional packs in magazines, I could only get them Via the nintendo store, and I dont really want to spend all my points on cards
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Re: Kid Icarus: Uprising series 2 AR Cards coming from Augus

Postby WingZeroSys » 03 Aug 2012, 15:59

Even more cards, geez I haven't even collected all 404 of series 1 yet and at 1 pound 50p (can't use pound sign on PS3 for some reason) a pack (sold in newsagents via Panini) it's going to take me bloody ages.

I'll keep getting them though, but it'll end up costing hundreds of pounds to collect them all.
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