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New Modern Warfare 3 DLC dated for PS3 Elite members

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Fresh multiplayer maps and a Spec Ops mission arriving in mid-August

Infinity Ward has announced a release date for the latest round of Modern Warfare 3 DLC for PS3 subscribers to Call of Duty Elite.... read more

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New Modern Warfare 3 DLC dated for PS3 Elite members

Postby bamozzy » 01 Aug 2012, 13:00

Same way Xbox got there content last month (ie all the maps etc inc Terminal at the same time)with Terminal being released a day later for non elite members.

Decommission is great fun - slightly smaller than most maps (bigger than Dome though). Offshore is by far the best of these maps and one of the best maps on MW3. However Terminal is the biggest disappointment as the game play has not advanced. It is just as camper friendly and plays just like MW2 did. Its one redeeming feature is that players no longer have replenishable Noob Tubes and these do less damage too (doesn't stop people using them though) No one man's army and danger close. BUT it certainly has the same sniper orientated game play and camping spots. Its definitely like stepping back into the past! MW3's map design has meant that Campers do not have as easy a time as they did because of multiple flanking routes etc and although it is nice to have a free map and an old 'favourite' (it wasn't my favourite map from MW2 but none the less I did enjoy it..) - It also shows how much the map design has been improved (in my opinion).

I haven't even looked at the Spec-ops Mission or the previous one either and we are due to get 2 more this month :x (on xbox - PS3 next month) in fact it looks like we will NOT be getting any MP content! There is a rumour that the third will be a game mode!! WTF!!! We have been told that they cannot add more game modes as they are at their limitso would have to remove one! This is NOT an add-on but a substitution! however there is only one Game mode I would like to see and that is in Spec-Ops Survival. I would like to have a 4 player Survival mode - at least we have a good number of maps we can use...

The last content Drop in September (or Oct for PS3) looks like it will add 3 new full MP maps - Parish (looks quite small, cluttered and definitely suited to CQ type game play), Boardwalk (or Pier in the UK as it has Tourist type shops on a pier - reminds me a bit of Carnival (MW2 DLC map) but with more muted colours but I don't know much more about size and layout) and Gulch (reminds me a bit of Afghan from MW2 but with brighter rock formations as it is set in Utah on a mining settlement? but again I don't know the size or layout of this map). At least they are finishing the season with full MP content!

If they do add a 4 player Survival mode at least these as well as all the other DLC full MP maps will have a bit more use to them - Pity the 'Face Off' maps are so Limited - they look good but don't offer much!!
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