Dead Island dev trademarks 'Dead Stop', keeps fans guessing

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New zombie-themed game for mobile phones mooted

What the bloody hell is Dead Island developer Techland up to? All sorts, it seems, as another eyebrow-raising trademark surfaces.... read more

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Dead Island dev trademarks 'Dead Stop', keeps fans guessing

Postby HelloLadies » 29 Jul 2012, 06:23

A sequel was always going to happen. The ending of Dead Island was so obviously set up for a follow up game it isn't funny. Hopefully they learned a few things from the first game and make the next one twice as good. Less bugs, improved game mechanics and a graphics improvement wouldn't go astray. Nor would some more believable voice acting.
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Re: Dead Island dev trademarks 'Dead Stop', keeps fans guess

Postby sulli456 » 29 Jul 2012, 08:01

My guess is Dead Stop would be a mobile phone game, where you have to kill zombies trying to break into your safehouse. And it would be awful.

But when they get round to a sequel like i have said before they need to have either seperate single person campaign or team campaigns. Because i don't like playing these games online having to talk things through with someone i don't know, and i get really put out in the cutscenes when all four of the characters are in the cutscene after i have done everything on my own, or when people refer to me as a group of four people in passing. just a niggle that wound me up.

Also as decent as the melee combat was, i still think it needed work, it was too hard to time you attacks with a longer weapon to hit the enemy on approach, and then he would start swinging like a muppet when i have a hoard around, odd things happened in combat every now and then.

But it was a good game and i would love to see a sequel.
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Re: Dead Island dev trademarks 'Dead Stop', keeps fans guess

Postby JCHN » 29 Jul 2012, 10:55

Has everybody already forgotten the announcement of Dead Island Riptide, which will be released next year. They say it will be a full blown new game, and will announce more this summer.
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