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Microsoft's E3 press conference: What's your view?

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Theres no question that Microsoft utterly smashed the competition at E3... On the wi-fi front. Seriously, it was brilliant. But what did you think of the actual content of its E3 press conference?... read more

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Microsoft's E3 press conference: What's your view?

Postby Stryker89 » 04 Jun 2012, 20:31

Pretty awful overall. Despite the fact that there were some big titles shown off, it's gotten to the point now where people are sick of sequels. There are no surprises anymore. No originality or inspiration.
Although I'm going to contradict myself now and say that Halo 4 looks brilliant, despite the painfully obvious Metroid Prime influence.
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Re: Microsoft's E3 press conference: What's your view?

Postby rockstarsean » 04 Jun 2012, 20:35

Worse than last year.
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Re: Microsoft's E3 press conference: What's your view?

Postby BenThomasFoster » 04 Jun 2012, 20:37

1.halo 4 looks good
2.forza looks good

everything else was just pointless or multiplatform

2/10 it wasn't even a funny/bad conferance like sonys or nintendo's terrible ones it was just god awful.
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Re: Microsoft's E3 press conference: What's your view?

Postby Lady Gagagged » 04 Jun 2012, 20:39

I found little to be excited about. Halo looked lovely, but as a franchise it has never really gripped me, and the rest fell pretty flat for me. South Park seems interesting, but it isn't enough on its own.
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Re: Microsoft's E3 press conference: What's your view?

Postby Skyly » 04 Jun 2012, 20:41

Far far FAR too By-The-Numbers.

There were no real surprises, & i can't speak for everybody, but why did they spend so long talking about the 360's 'other' abilities? I'm not interested in NBA/NHL so much as I just wanna learn about the games.

I feel they dropped the ball on this. but then, what could they have done? short of announcing the next-gen or a handheld 'XBoy' it was....By-The-Numbers.
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Microsoft's E3 press conference: What's your view?

Postby Osaka12 » 04 Jun 2012, 20:42

They are clearly thinking money over actual gaming, it was sorely lacking new console introduction.. The 3 "world exclusives" were blatantly arcade titles with Acended being a God of War clone and the emphasis on kinect was annoying, No matter how confident the presenter (salesperson) Kinect is just awkward.

Bad and boring presentation all round..
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Re: Microsoft's E3 press conference: What's your view?

Postby sigourney beaver » 04 Jun 2012, 20:43

in a word crap! hey microsoft give us actual games not rubbish features that most of us wont use and a little tip for the future try to keep some games a secret for the actual show
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Re: Microsoft's E3 press conference: What's your view?

Postby Jon Ahmad » 04 Jun 2012, 20:44

If they had shown just a tiny glimpse of their next gen 720 (even an early demo of a couple of games) then perhaps it would have floated my boat but as it stands, they're going to get owned by Nintendo in a matter of hours...
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Microsoft's E3 press conference: What's your view?

Postby markybhoy999 » 04 Jun 2012, 20:44

From a gaming point of view, there wasn't much here to excite me or get me out of my seat. The Halo footage was great, visually stunning and fresh. Gears of War looked like Gears of War, care nothing for Dance Central 3 or Usher (seriously MS, no one that tunes into these things cares about showy popstars), Splinter Cell Blacklist looked good, quite excited by that. Another Forza, fair enough. Don't care much for Resident Evil, but it looked nice too. Tomb Raider looked excellent. I wish MS didn't rely on another end of show Call of Duty exclusivity reveal again, it's getting stale MS.

In terms of all the services and apps coming to the Xbox, for me it was a long list of things that I know I'm not going to use. The SmartGlass stuff is neat, but how many publishers/directors etc are going to care enough to create extra content for a minority of people that will use it. All the different sports that will make its way onto it as well matter nothing to me because I live in the UK and care nothing for any of those sports plus they wouldn't be released over here anyway. Internet Explorer for Xbox, really? *sigh*

Get the feeling that they are really pushing this whole "use the Xbox for everything" tactic, but really, I don't care. Just more good games please!
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Re: Microsoft's E3 press conference: What's your view?

Postby Moorpheus » 04 Jun 2012, 20:44

Halo 4, Forza Horizon and SmartGlass (if done right) were all really good for me.

The rest was decent to pointless (e.g. Splinter Cell = decent, Nike = pointless).

The problem was that MS played their best cards first and so after 20 minutes, the quality noticeably dropped.

Had the good stuff been put throughout the conference, everyone would've liked it more.

I wanted to see Halo 4 - I wasn't disappointed and so for that, plus a few bonuses, it's a 6.5/10 for me.

In any case - it can't have been any worse than last year with the kids dancing on stage for 20 mins saying how 'super awesome' everything was - that was cringe worthy.
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Re: Microsoft's E3 press conference: What's your view?

Postby TheCrimsonFenix » 04 Jun 2012, 20:52

Was hoping to be pleasantly surprised by Halo 4 but sadly not. Even the switch of developers doesn't seem to have breathed just that right amount of life into the series for me. It just amounted to hype creating live action videos and yet another sequel to the shallow multiplayer over decent enough single player shooter series, with added linearity. The self forming rifle was a cool little touch but once that wore off after 5 seconds, I just settled back down to an unsatisfied stare towards the Crysis 2 looking "new enemy". The first game is the only one that really clicked with me. At least the hardcore Halo fans will love it I guess.

With the exception of hype induced sequel dependence including Gears, Halo, Forza, etc, it just boiled down to them showing off timed exclusive DLC in every ones faces and straying even further away from the core gamers with more multimedia crap. Very disappointed that they haven't upped their game from the last two E3s. They can't boast about their exaggerated sales forever.

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Re: Microsoft's E3 press conference: What's your view?

Postby Black Mantis » 04 Jun 2012, 20:56

I'd give them a 6. Solid (mainly because Halo 4 is stunning), but the lack of AW2 killed me a little and they should have showed more of Forza/GoW/Iris/matter/Fable, rather than CoD. Also, like last year, they've failed to show their Summer of Arcade line up, especially Dust and Deadlight which look awesome. Looking at the list of stuff they showed, I will buy most what I saw, so that's why I think it was a good show.
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Microsoft's E3 press conference: What's your view?

Postby toaplan » 04 Jun 2012, 20:56

Smartglass and the graphically nice Halo 4 were the highlights for me. Forza Horizon was shown briefly, but if it's a more open-road kind of racer, it would definitely be interesting.

I've got an ipad and an android phone, so Smartglass supporting ios and android is a positive for this potential NextBox (which wasn't mentioned :( ) buyer. I hope Smartglass will be supported by devs.

All the Xbox media focus will perhaps allow Sony the opportunity to present the PS as more of a "gamer's console"? And the sequel-heavy offering will let any originality that Nintendo can present tomorrow really shine.
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Re: Microsoft's E3 press conference: What's your view?

Postby burnsyboy2004 » 04 Jun 2012, 20:58

I know I've mentioned it in your other posts.....but I'm still so p**sed off and totally gutted about the new Splinter Cell.
To much action not enough stealth or darkness, and just to rub salt in the wound, Sam Fisher now sounds like a young douchenozzle.....NO MICHAEL IRONSIDE!!!!!!!
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Re: Microsoft's E3 press conference: What's your view?

Postby Sentinator » 04 Jun 2012, 21:01

I liked the look of wrecketeer. Looks cool. The south park game looked interesting as well. But I do think Microsoft needs to start making sequels to more of Rare's games (Banjo, Perfect Dark, Kameo, Conker, Killer Instinct etc). Unless they start using more variety in their exclusives eventually they are going to fall behind.

You cannot keep relying on timed DLC or timed exclusives because people will catch on to your methods and start migrating from your system. Nintendo and Sony have more variety. True I think MS make better games than Sony, but maybe thats because I'm not into Sony's games. There is no denying Sony have more variety though.
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