What's wrong with the Hitman: Absolution trailer?

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Some people are angry about the new Hitman: Absolution trailer.... read more

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What's wrong with the Hitman: Absolution trailer?

Postby Chorge » 31 May 2012, 16:28

this is uniquely amazing. combining the game i am most exited about with the things i most hate in video games. i am so in rage mode i got into a pointless youtube comment flame war for the first time in my life.

to quote John Walker from rockpapershotgun.com : "But there we go – the sexual fantasy of chaste women revealing their sexuality, immediately before being murdered, is there for us all to enjoy."
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Re: What's wrong with the Hitman: Absolution trailer?

Postby TheLastDodo » 31 May 2012, 17:05

My problem with the trailer is that it just doesn't seem to fit the tone of this Hitman game.

If this was in Saints Row The Third or Lollipop Chainsaw then I wouldn't bad an eye as these games are silly, OTT and clearly tongue in cheek.

As for the supposed 'sexism' aspect of the trailer, I imagine no fuss would be made if it was a woman unleashing all that violence on a group of men, nor would a fuss be made if said scene appeared in a Tarantino movie.
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Re: What's wrong with the Hitman: Absolution trailer?

Postby dwhlufc » 31 May 2012, 17:45

Nothing IMO. It was just in the vein of a daft B-movie, I'm not sure we'd of been having this debate if it was Lara croft killing a group of male gimps disguised as priests.
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