Have gamers got too much power?

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And if so could they ruin gaming forever?

Soooo... Apparently, Mass Effect 3's ending is controversial because it leaves a lot of questions unanswered. And the fans aren't happy about that at all.... read more

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Have gamers got too much power?

Postby Imaduck » 29 Apr 2012, 19:43

We need a facepalm emoticon
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Re: Have gamers got too much power?

Postby dwhlufc » 29 Apr 2012, 19:46

Surely your taking the p**s?
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Have gamers got too much power?

Postby alan666 » 29 Apr 2012, 19:46

gamers powers are being eroded with every new cycle of consoles.

you can never have too much power !
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Have gamers got too much power?

Postby TheLastDodo » 29 Apr 2012, 19:55

I don't usually get the chance to do this

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Have gamers got too much power?

Postby MrPirtniw » 29 Apr 2012, 19:55

Actually the majority of people wishing for the ending to be changed don't want to have a happy ending (though there a few people who would prefer that), most of the fans just want an ending that makes one iota of sense and falls in line with the rest of the game. To be fair instances where fans have complained on this scale are relatively few so no, I don't think gamers have too much power. In fact, sometimes I don't think we have enough- hence why publishers seem to be pushing their luck with greedy DLC strategies or rushing developers to release their games before they're actually finished so that fans end up buying broken games.

There's not much room for 'artistic integrity' in the entertainment industry. Mass Effect may have an awesome, well thought out universe, but from ME2 and 3 are at heart, dumb, but enjoyable action shooters and little else. Bioware lost their artistic integrity when they sold their soul to EA. You give companies like that too much power, what do you get?

The Phantom Menace.
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Re: Have gamers got too much power?

Postby skanal1 » 29 Apr 2012, 19:56

Couldn't be more wrong CVG, I can't afford the Xbox 360 battery charge packs and Tesco's own brand AAs are awful
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Re: Have gamers got too much power?

Postby Dralel » 29 Apr 2012, 19:57

What's with this recent wave of abusolute shambles of attempts of journalism by CVG lately, spreading propaganda lies about gamers having too much power? Y'gotta be kidding me..
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Re: Have gamers got too much power?

Postby Samildanach » 29 Apr 2012, 19:58

The reason everyone went apeshit over the ending of Mass Effect 3, is because it was s**t. Since the first game, it was all about players choices affecting the outcome and being able to carry on your save into later games to continue your choices there. Then it turned out that everything you had done up to that point, was just a number on the galactic readiness board, then they gave you ONE ending with 3 different colours. Thats false advertisement. And the only reason it's getting a free update, is because they wouldn't dare charge for it like they were going to do.

Gamers have only one power, buying games. And after that Mass Effect 3 debacle, they'd think twice about buying another one of their games if they pull s**t like that agin.
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Re: Have gamers got too much power?

Postby richomack360 » 29 Apr 2012, 20:06

Gamers having too much power ? Is this article serious ? Basing our "power" on being disgruntled with one of the worst gaming endings (for hours put in) ever - can CVG point another instance where this has happened ? I don't remember Bungie capitulating when they screwed up the storyline to Halo: Reach, or people being burnt on stakes due to the disgrace that is Shaq Fu.

If we had too much power we would surely stop online passes, games that require always on connections, yearly updates with no innovation, consoles that could potentially ruin the 2nd hand market, DLC on the disc, rubbish DLC, Capcom's ideas for the Resident Evil franchise, games that are broken on Day 1, constant patches, being treated like bug testers...

If anything, the people in charge of publishers and some devs have too much "power" - the power of ignorance. By not listening to the gaming public, by not addressing issues (think Skyrim lag) by not properly testing their games (Street fighter X Tekken infinite combo glitch)

So in short, no - gamers do not have too much power, you will find that they DO NOT WANT power, they just want the industry to drop their arrogant and off putting stance on how the future of gaming is shaping. Accusing the public of being snobbish and demanding, when all they want is a finished product - not a hashed released that has more patches than a tramps' underwear.

Stupid article is stupid.
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Re: Have gamers got too much power?

Postby WyteHawk » 29 Apr 2012, 20:22

Here Ngamer, I'll do your research for you.

http://www.gamefront.com/mass-effect-3- ... are-right/

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Re: Have gamers got too much power?

Postby mkwuk » 29 Apr 2012, 20:23

I read this article in NGamer and was a little ashamed by it all, because I've been a subscriber since it was Super Play. It's pretty clear whoever wrote it hasn't played Mass Effect. The article is pretty much "I've not played Mass Effect or seen the ending, but here's my opinion based on what I've heard"
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Re: Have gamers got too much power?

Postby Mmmmgrolsch » 29 Apr 2012, 20:24

:shock: :o f**k knows why I'm shocked by this flamebait and obvious trolling, CVG love a good trolling session! I know it's written by Ngamer but CVG couldn't help themselves.

To answer the question, gamers have f**k all power which is bang out of order. The sooner the industry is regulated the better.
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Re: Have gamers got too much power?

Postby ricflair » 29 Apr 2012, 20:33

Personally speaking... yes I have.
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Re: Have gamers got too much power?

Postby TheLastDodo » 29 Apr 2012, 20:41

As wrong as I feel the article is, there sadly is an element of truth to it.

If we listened to some gamers we'd still be stuck playing Pong, if we listened to others Mario would run round with an AK47 and call in precision airstrikes.

They'll never listen to you if you sound like a whiny brat no matter how many exclamation marks you put after the C word or by how many times you threaten to pirate their games, that's a fact.

Some of the petitioners and complainers made reasonable points while others sounded like they couldn't be trusted to put their clothes on in the morning, the devs/pubs just need to listen to the right voices. They appreciate constructive feedback/criticism, whether they act on it is another matter altogether.

I'm not saying anyone doesn't have the right to be angry, of course you have, but if you think posting "f**k YOU *insert evil developer/publisher here*" will be taken notice of then you're sadly mistaken.

BTW the best option to show that you disagree with what a developer or publisher does was, is and always will be DO NOT BUY THE GAME ;)

After reading said interviews posted by the petitioners, Bioware clearly screwed up with ME3's ending (that doesn't mean it can't be enjoyed, just that it wasn't what was promised), hopefully they've learned their lesson for next time.
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Re: Have gamers got too much power?

Postby stealth » 29 Apr 2012, 21:15

to less
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