Heroes of Ruin 3DS: "Making a Square RPG is extremely nerve-

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Producer Tim Schwalk chats about role-playing nerves and virtual unicycles

There's one thing we've always wanted to know. No, not where the crew of the Marie Celeste went; it's what the 'N' in N-Space stands for. Alas, we're idiots and forgot to ask N-Space producer Tim Schwalk. Luckily, we did remember to ask about his upcoming 3DS action-RPG Heroes Of Ruin, working with Square Enix and his Nintendo upbringing...... read more

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Heroes of Ruin 3DS: "Making a Square RPG is extremely nerve-

Postby Sturm1269 » 02 Apr 2012, 17:03

Boy, I would LOVE a new Geist game. There was so much creativity and new idea's in that game. Ah defently one of my favorite First Person games, I think the only reason people didn't appreciate it as much (as they should) was becase that every FPS was compaired to the Halo games, but Geist was a completly different game, so I found it to be a pretty unfair comparison. Really it was more Metroid Primeish, an adventure, and a damn fine one I might ad.

Okay, I need to go play it now. :)
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Re: Heroes of Ruin 3DS: "Making a Square RPG is extremely ne

Postby Anakenobi » 28 Jun 2012, 02:13

I also enjoyed Geist .

However, the main flaw that game had were the controls. At the time that I first played this game, I had already played Metroid Prime, Time Splitters and XIII, among many other FPS/FPA games. And I was disappointed at how Geist was rather hard to control. Almost every action had me fighting with the damn controls, instead of me concentrating on the game. And this was quite bad, because you had to be very quick with switching bodies (or possessing an inanimate objetc). Some boss fights were extra hard because of the lousy controls. I wish if they ever make the sequel, that they please get them right. I mean, if other game devs got it right on the GameCube, so many years ago, certainly they can do it today. Especially when Heroes of Ruin has fantastic controls on the 3DS (and without the use of a CPP!).

Another thing that I hope they can enhance in a potential sequel, is the possibility of possessing many hosts/people, regardless if they're vital to beat a level. But only to have fun, like making them get into trouble by having them do crazy stuff. And then leaving the poor sods to deal with all the flak. The original Geist limited too much what you could do. It was too linear in that sense.

I know they can do better and hope they get a chance to get it right.
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