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Sega download blowout: Hands-on with Sonic 4: Episode 2, Jet

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Sega's PSN, XBLA and Steam offerings prove promising...

If the games industry has its way and digital download is now set in stone as the way of the future, then gamers may look back on the past couple of months as something of a turning point.... read more

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Sega download blowout: Hands-on with Sonic 4: Episode 2, Jet

Postby Astrosmasher » 13 Mar 2012, 12:18

Well Sega would do this. I remember when they put out 4 Dreamcast games for £30 on disc (Sonic, taxi, space channel and bass fishing), you could get a better deal and buy these games on dlc for only 800 msp each. I decided to wait and bought them all for £4.01.
I have down loaded a total of 3 Sega titles... Daytonna USA, Afterburner (half price) and Streets of Rage (also half price). Really for me DLC is a waste of cash. Maybe I am oldschool ... well you can see all the retro titles I have bought but go digitial only... not me... then I might get stuck with the poo that was resident evil code veronica ( a truly awful piece of poo) which was DLC only for good reason.
Game went down because of their insane buying. Their procurement department should be sacked. Who would buy 20 copies of cars 2 during a recession and expect them to sell. That game had £5 written all over it. Also I am sure the supermarkets undercutting their prices did not help either....
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Re: Sega download blowout: Hands-on with Sonic 4: Episode 2,

Postby MrPirtniw » 13 Mar 2012, 18:01

Whaaaat? Aside from Resi remake on the GC, Resi CV is the best of the lot. Don't you make me tantrum now.

I'm going to very wary of this next Sonic game- Sonic 4 episode 1 was an abomination and I felt ripped off even though I bought it at half price. Even the mostly good Sonic Generations managed to somehow make classic Sonic feel all wrong and unresponsive so I'll be over the moon if they manage to fix that for episode 2.

Now if only they could get rid of the homing attack...
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Re: Sega download blowout: Hands-on with Sonic 4: Episode 2,

Postby Windowlicker79 » 13 Mar 2012, 22:52

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