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Pandora's Tower

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Ganbarion want you to play their Carnivore Games...

Animal rights campaigners PETA are becoming (in)famous for targeting what they believe to be unethical videogames. Cooking Mama's pro-meat agenda came under fire in their 'Mama Kills Animals' spoof, while Mario earned their ire for allegedly promoting fur by wearing his raccoon suit. But nothing PETA cook up (so to speak) can put us off the flesh like Pandora's Tower. Meat isn't murder in Ganbarion's hack-and-slasher. Meat is disgusting.... read more

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Pandora's Tower

Postby The_KFD_Case » 11 Mar 2012, 17:33

Reads like this is the sort of game the Wii should have either launched with or had ready within the first year or two of it's launch. Whether the developers at the time had the skill and knowledge to do so on the Wii may have been an issue, yet then again the Wii is hardly known for having advanced and difficult technical architecture compared to MS, Sony, and the PC platforms.

This won't see me buying a Wii (although my parents have one), but it does sound intriguing in my opinion. Well done (no pun intended).
"Unfounded optimism is no worse than relentless pessimism."
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