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After we came back from E3 with tales of a marvellous 'sleeper hit' of the show he'd seen being played, we had high hopes for Go Vacation. We liked the Family Ski titles, both made by the team behind Go Vacation, and if this was indeed the same sort of thing but on a massive scale, surely it couldn't fail to be great.... read more

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Go Vacation

Postby Petrologist » 12 Feb 2012, 03:17

There seem to be two sets of controls for vehicles, which I'm always confusing, though my granddaughter doesn't. Most frustrating is the set for engine-powered vehicles, which permits only acceleration & deceleration (no constant speed). Still, I'm amazed by the amount of information packed onto the optical disc. It is very relaxing to just explore on horse or foot.

The goal of the program appears to be building a home. Designing this in primitive 'blueprint', then seeing the result by running about it is mildly educational. Attempting 20 mini-games gives one a satisfactory log cabin. Passing mini-games gives one furniture in various styles. Warning: 'Retro' is not 'Arts & Crafts Movement'! After stamps & silver keys, there are gold keys that offer the luxury of kitchens & indoor bathrooms.

Hints for getting gold keys are given in tied balloons. These often refer to regions seen & then forgotten. My granddaughter's most pleasure is simply exploring, by horse, ski, or foot. To play the game efficiently, we make maps of the four regions. One's position on a small map is shown on the screen, so villages, railways, & such are easily numbered or plotted on a larger map on paper. This has proved a good introduction to mapping for her, at least; and it's fun.

The game also gave me a chance to introduce my granddaughter to such activities as skiing and scuba diving, which have a realistic feel; and permitted me to lecture her on the etiquette of resorts. (No, dear, one does not drive snowmobiles up ski slopes.)

One rather exciting feature I've not yet tried is the use of remote, nunchuck, and balance board for such activities as skiing. This seems a much better use for the Wii Balance Board than simply weighing the cat.
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