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Replay: Body Harvest

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Nintendo Gamer's Craig Owens celebrates the forgotten father of open-world gaming

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Replay: Body Harvest

Postby Joco84 » 16 Jan 2012, 17:52

I absolutely adored Body Harvest back in the day! Glad to see it's got some recognition!!
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Re: Replay: Body Harvest

Postby phate666 » 16 Jan 2012, 18:17

I agree it was very good! And mightily hard if I remember right...
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Re: Replay: Body Harvest

Postby MysticR » 16 Jan 2012, 19:04

Great read; I loved this game, mostly for the element of discovery you felt in exploring the world and opening up new areas. It did get quite hard later - although there was a rather handy kill-all-bugs-on-screen button cheat if I remember rightly.

Would love to see a high-def remake some day.
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Re: Replay: Body Harvest

Postby zinaptik » 16 Jan 2012, 19:17

this game is sitting 10 feet from me in a box, I gave up on it as a kid hard if I remember. never had the heart to sell my N64 stuff.
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Re: Replay: Body Harvest

Postby corkscru74 » 16 Jan 2012, 19:22

I'm glad I wasn't the only one that found this game so difficult! Borrowed it from a mate (in exchange for Ocarina) and just couldn't get into it because of the unrelenting difficulty level - funny how older games tried their absolute best to not let you complete them :D
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Re: Replay: Body Harvest

Postby skabone » 16 Jan 2012, 19:58

you know I have this wierd thing where it doesn't matter what you're saying - as soon as you mention 'N64' I keep thinking 'SNES' - and I get confused thinking 'wow was this on SNES - I must have played on...'

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Re: Replay: Body Harvest

Postby a3HeadedMonkey » 17 Jan 2012, 04:57

Body Harvest, great game! Back when Rockstar North were still DMA & not too long after their Lemmings games. Hunter for the Amiga pre-dates it though as the open world inspiration for GTA.

Other than State of Emergency, has Rockstar ever made a bad game?!
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Re: Replay: Body Harvest

Postby plightstar » 17 Jan 2012, 09:46

Such a great game. Remember spending hours and hours playing it. Nothing has come close to it since. Remember finding out that if you had played on the easy mode you couldn't finish the whole game.
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Re: Replay: Body Harvest

Postby NEO_SUPERMAN » 17 Jan 2012, 13:34

I'd harvest your mums body.
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Re: Replay: Body Harvest

Postby Augustus_aka_AG » 17 Jan 2012, 13:47

"Because people who play on Easy, apparently, don't deserve to play entire games."
It could be worse. If I had it my way they wouldn't be allowed to play games at all. And in severe cases of gaming inadequacy their hands would be chopped off.
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