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Nintendo makes WiiWare demos available again

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Like WiiWare demos? 50 of them are available right now

Nintendo has made available some 50 WiiWare demos via the US Wii Shop channel.... read more

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Nintendo makes WiiWare demos available again

Postby razors edge » 14 Jan 2012, 04:26


How do you get them?
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Re: Nintendo makes WiiWare demos available again

Postby RavenxPrime » 14 Jan 2012, 10:35

Was it just the USA that couldn't get them, as I download the FAST and MotoHeroz demos in the UK Friday morning :D
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Re: Nintendo makes WiiWare demos available again

Postby a3HeadedMonkey » 14 Jan 2012, 12:07

Really?! I was installing WiiWare & VC wads on my Wii back in 2009 with Homebrew. That's got to be the best way to demo these games surely? Still, even free games wasn't enough of an incentive to keep it. Worst Nintendo console ever. The whole WiiWare/VC service is a complete joke compared to xbla/psn/steam, much like every other aspect of the console.
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Re: Nintendo makes WiiWare demos available again

Postby Megatrons_Fury » 15 Jan 2012, 03:02

This is a good thing for Nintendo to have done

The best thing XBOX ever did was to make EVERY download title have a demo, it makes total sense on every level and has probably been the major cause in indie and XBLA titles outselling anything on PS3 and Wii.

Nintendo whom i love to bits absolutely suck at anything online, like EVERY jap developer they are so far up their own arse that they just don't get how important this component of modern gaming is..... I'm the biggest hater of multiplayer gaming etc but what i know for sure is that people especially now in this financial climate want to have a sneak peak at stuff before handing over their cash.

The WII U will need to look at what their competitors do and quite frankly cut & paste, the old Nintendo way won't work anymore and theres no way the amount of people who bought a Wii will buy another nintendo console, the vast majority of Wii owners are casual gamers or part time recreational gamers so they should not expect brand loyalty from these folk, they wont get it.

Full marks to nintendo for doing this for the Wii, maybe its a sign of what is to come, i certainly hope so and i hope they ramp it up for the WII U, i really want one of these new consoles and the more stuff thats added as standard the more it will be attractive to those who dont really care right now.

Fingers crossed for a great Nintendo year
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