Survey points to new Call of Juarez

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Ubisoft quizzes players on what they thought of The Cartel

Ubisoft has reached out to fans for feedback on Call of Juarez: The Cartel, hinting at the possibility of another entry in the series.... read more

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Survey points to new Call of Juarez

Postby ingy » 25 Nov 2011, 11:30

How about setting the game in the wild west, that would be cool, and it would give the game a unique selling point :)

Seriously though, i enjoyed the first two games in the series, good story, good gunplay, a few niggles, but hey, it's setting and character more than made up for those.

Why does every game have to be modernised? is it just so we can have bigger guns and ever faster gunplay.
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Survey points to new Call of Juarez

Postby TheCrimsonFenix » 25 Nov 2011, 11:34

Not taking it away from a setting and time which made it a unique game would be a good start and as for all those choices, add 'em all in rather than making people choose and put them all together in an interesting way.

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Re: Survey points to new Call of Juarez

Postby eastldn » 25 Nov 2011, 12:28

game sucked...

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Re: Survey points to new Call of Juarez

Postby STREAM 76 » 25 Nov 2011, 12:35

I really enjoyed the first two but the cartel was one of the worst games i've played this gen, due in part i think, that techland were also working on dead island. They need to stick to the wild west and please, no more driving sections.
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Re: Survey points to new Call of Juarez

Postby appyday » 25 Nov 2011, 15:15

•Hunting an outlaw in the rocky mountains
•Defending a ranch attacked by Mexican pistolleros
•Preventing a bank robbery
•Rescuing an innocent man about to be hanged up
•Taking part in a shooting contest
•A gun duel in the empty main street of a town against your worst enemy
•Guarding a fort against a group of outlaws
•Helping a man to escape from the sheriff's office
•Defending a train attacked by Native Americans on horses
•A gunfight in a saloon after a poker game
•Preventing outlaws from pillaging a gold mine
•A fusillade between lawmen and outlaws

Although I am aware of the games cowboy past the options above sound very familiar. Are they going to name it Call of Redemption - Red Dead Juarez??
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Re: Survey points to new Call of Juarez

Postby hi0marc » 25 Nov 2011, 15:57

I sense this game will really push the boat out on innovation and new thought..
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