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Crysis XBLA

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Before Manhattan, there was Lingshan...

Just under four years after it debuted on PC, Crysis finally, unexpectedly sees the light on day on consoles. Even in lieu of Crysis 2's unsuspected banality it may seem bizarre to proclaim this cheap-as-chips, download-only effort the superior title - but then your beige box-owning pals have been yapping on about that for ages. Time to shut them up.... read more

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Crysis XBLA

Postby smeg666 » 15 Nov 2011, 07:04

i have the ps3 version of crysis and this reviewer has got this all sooooo it as pretty as the pc version? no..but it is infinitaly better looking than crysis 2 and the story is so much more involving.the graphics and sound are spot on and the lack of multiplayer is not a problem.quite a challenge too on the hardest setting. 9/10.
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Re: Crysis XBLA

Postby starsail » 16 Nov 2011, 16:32

Totally agree smeg666, I also bought the PS3 version and it looks and plays better than I expected. Certainly better than what most average spec PCs could do and not too far from top end PCs. An absolute steal at 15 squid
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