X-Com gets new screenshots

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The doors of E3 may have closed, but the screenshots keeps on coming and X-Com ones have been uncovered in the latest content drop.... read more

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X-Com gets new screenshots

Postby Dalaeck » 10 Jun 2011, 15:56

I... can't... stand... X-COM as an FPS. My god I'm starting to wish this game style was never invented. This is #$%@^ travesty. Disgusting.
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Re: X-Com gets new screenshots

Postby potnoodle1 » 11 Jun 2011, 09:10

I know what you mean. It's a sad day when everything has to be in first person with ultra realistic graphics but the truth is that if they went with more of the classic X-Com strategy/point-and-click route it just would not sell as well. At least be content that the franchise we all love is still alive. In the mean time if you miss the old style, grab yourself a copy of UFO Extraterrestrials.
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Re: X-Com gets new screenshots

Postby corkscru74 » 12 Jun 2011, 11:35

More games should be set in the forties and fifties! LA Noire has proved it's a viable (read: popular enough to sell shed-loads) setting and there's a wealth of media to draw inspiration from.

The Blob videogame anyone?!? Anyone?!
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