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Rage delayed

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id Software's shooter knocked into October

Id Software's shooter Rage has been delayed until October 7. It was originally scheduled for release on September 15 in Europe.... read more

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Rage delayed

Postby StonecoldMC » 10 Jun 2011, 09:53

Yet again the end of the year is bottle necked with Games.

With Gears 3, UC3, Battlefield 3, COD MW3 all releasing in the 'Fall', I can see a few more delays coming.

Basically, if you dont have a 3 at the end of your Game, expect it in 2012*.

*Unless, your called Skyrim, holy moly, that Game looks great!*
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Rage delayed

Postby paul_brown940 » 10 Jun 2011, 09:56

Brilliant, move it closer to Christmas, there's probably no games coming out then anyway :(

There will be some big casualties sales wise this Christmas with the amount of great games coming out at the same time :(
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Re: Rage delayed

Postby ricflair » 10 Jun 2011, 10:35

That's got to be bad news for this game. I didn't really have massive hopes for it anyway. Regardless of how important Carmack is/was, ID haven't made a really top game this century, as we discussed in the forums!

Unfortunately, something that's just 'good' will probably get swallowed up by all the other stuff coming out this 'Fall'.
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Re: Rage delayed

Postby metallicorphan » 10 Jun 2011, 10:51


now my October looks like this

Rage- October
Forza 4- 14th October
Batman Arkham City-21st October
Battlefield 3-28th October
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Re: Rage delayed

Postby flash501 » 10 Jun 2011, 11:03

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Re: Rage delayed

Postby TheLastDodo » 10 Jun 2011, 11:12

Maybe they can spend the extra time by adding more colours :|.
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Re: Rage delayed

Postby humanhand » 10 Jun 2011, 15:34

Probably a good move by them, but a better move would be to release it before Gears 3.
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Re: Rage delayed

Postby sonic_uk » 10 Jun 2011, 19:43

I dont mind the fact loads of great games are coming out in the same few months at the end of the year - its no different than any other year thats gone before it and gives me time to save up now so I have something to look forward to.
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Re: Rage delayed

Postby rick » 10 Jun 2011, 20:36


That's the only date I give a damn about.
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Re: Rage delayed

Postby mister-sds » 12 Jun 2011, 04:16

Screw Gears of War they got nothing on this game
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