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EA 'sure' we'll see Mirror's Edge 2 on Frostbite 2

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We're working on a "big idea", says EA Games Label boss

Mirror's Edge 2 on the Frostbite 2 engine looks to be only a matter of time after EA Games Label boss Frank Gibeau said that ideas for a sequel are being worked on and he's sure we'll see the IP combined with DICE's new engine.... read more

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EA 'sure' we'll see Mirror's Edge 2 on Frostbite 2

Postby budge » 09 Jun 2011, 10:00

I have 'Faith' in this.

Los Rojiblancos
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EA 'sure' we'll see Mirror's Edge 2 on Frostbite 2

Postby Black Mantis » 09 Jun 2011, 10:02

I don't really care about the engine tbh, as it had such a refreshingly unique look. If they keep that same design philosophy, most gamers will be happy. I think most fans will be more concerned on how EA will bring it back "in the right way".
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Re: EA 'sure' we'll see Mirror's Edge 2 on Frostbite 2

Postby Lurf » 09 Jun 2011, 10:09

Looking forward to seeing more of this. I think Mirrors Edge was a really nice and original game. Perhaps Co-op would be nice :D
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Re: EA 'sure' we'll see Mirror's Edge 2 on Frostbite 2

Postby svd_grasshopper » 09 Jun 2011, 10:19

there's a ton of room to improve on this game.

it isn't exactly bound to a set of rules like typical genres, they are limited to their imagination on this one.

they need to make it more fluid, less clumsy. the style or art direction could be altered, make it more open ended.

give us a serious storyline or make it more bizarre, embrace or ditch guns... they were shite last time round. but obviously don't make guns the focus - they could be implemented well i feel without purists moaning 'doesn't need guns'. bullet-time i think could go well in this game if done right.

so much creative freedom. the lack of boundaries is probably a blessing and a curse for the studio. it isn't like knocking out an established genre.

frostbite 2 is looking great, would love to see mirrors edge on it... the atmosphere was the best thing about the first game.
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Re: EA 'sure' we'll see Mirror's Edge 2 on Frostbite 2

Postby ingy » 09 Jun 2011, 10:54

Mirrors edge was one of those games i initially avoided,

thinking it was going to be a non stop chase, with dozens of melee button combinations that i could never remember,

i picked it up cheap and was amazed by how good it was, i found it to play quite slow for the most part with just the right amount of exploration, searching out the routes was a joy, and the combat, designed to be avoided at all costs works for the most part (apart from the one on one fight mid way through the game that i still can't beat on hard) :x

For me the graphic style, very minimal and bleached helped to give the game it's unique style.
Let's hope they don't destroy the game by listening to the very loud online vocal minority.
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Re: EA 'sure' we'll see Mirror's Edge 2 on Frostbite 2

Postby TheLastDodo » 09 Jun 2011, 11:02

I've had ideas for the sequel.

My favourite was a Crank like storyline, Faith has to deliver packages and do missions for "the bad guy" in an open world setting, and to make sure she does it "the bad guy" has poisoned her, so Faith has to do whatever is asked of her if she wants the antidote.

I say "the bad guy" because I'm thinking the villain should be a p**sed off family member of someone who died in the first game, maybe Mercs sister takes revenge on Faith for getting her brother killed, I'd really like to see that because it would be different to everything out there right out, how many games have the good guy and the bad guy as women?

You could have Turf war side missions set out as races against rival runners, the races could be linear or open, and if you win you receive XP to buy new combat skills or cash to buy medicine that will temporarily subside the effects of the poison.

Oh and they should remove guns completely and definitely keep the art style.

C'mon guys, lets help EA come up with a new way to do a Mirrors Edge.
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Re: EA 'sure' we'll see Mirror's Edge 2 on Frostbite 2

Postby Anarion » 09 Jun 2011, 13:43

Well, when I saw that BF3 sniper footage I was like "Where's Faith?" :D
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