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Paper Mario 3DS trailer, screens

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A new dimension to platforming?

Nintendo has released new screenshots and a fresh trailer for the Nintendo 3DS version of Paper Mario.... read more

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Paper Mario 3DS trailer, screens

Postby jays club » 07 Jun 2011, 20:54

looks awesome
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Re: Paper Mario 3DS trailer, screens

Postby monty_79 » 07 Jun 2011, 21:02

jays club wrote:looks awesome

What this guy said.

Personally, I am looking more forward to this than I am the 3D Mario
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Re: Paper Mario 3DS trailer, screens

Postby theaface » 07 Jun 2011, 21:05

Yup, pretty much looks like Paper Mario. Which is neither a good nor bad thing, just a thing. At least it's the kind of title which should lend itself nicely to 3D.

As a totally separate side-rant, this business of sponsor messages in every single video is absolutely killing my enjoyment of gaming sites. If there's a few new videos to watch in a single day, it's the same promo over and over and over, and all that happens is I end up resenting the thing being advertised.

CVG isn't the only culprit, so I don't mean to single you out. And I get that it's all about the benjamins, but at the expense of p*ssing off your users?
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Re: Paper Mario 3DS trailer, screens

Postby corkscru74 » 08 Jun 2011, 19:52

I'm joining the "I hate sponsor messages before every single video" bandwagon.

I don't mind being advertised to, I'm getting all this sweet news and video for free so go for it but...the same one? Every time? I thought it was bad enough I was having to watch an LA Noire Ad every time even though I'd already placed my pre-order (talk about preaching to the choir!) but I have no interest in Final Fantasy and never will, stop trying to sell it to me.

And a related note, the side bars that track (probably via cookies) what I've been browsing and target me like that are the way to go. I've actually clicked on them before! Seeing as banners get about a 0.01% click though rate that's quite impressive!
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