Prey 2 E3 Trailer released

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Bethesda shows its sci-fi shooter

Bethesda's released a new trailer for Prey 2, just in time for some trade show that's apparently going on soon.... read more

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Prey 2 E3 Trailer released

Postby AJB123644 » 03 Jun 2011, 10:15

Whoa! Looks pretty good...

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Re: Prey 2 E3 Trailer released

Postby boskersrevenge » 03 Jun 2011, 10:29

If it really is that dynamic, then wow... what a difference from the first game!
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Re: Prey 2 E3 Trailer released

Postby Obscure_Metaphor » 03 Jun 2011, 11:17

Looks great, just doesn't look much like Prey.

It'll be interesting to see if and how portals make a return... Prey did a lot of ground breaking things that Portal then took a lot of praise for. Annoyingly if they return, a new audience will consider the mechanic a Portal rip off. But if they really play with the scale shifting and gravity manipulation that the first game had, that could be fantastic.
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Re: Prey 2 E3 Trailer released

Postby Robzy » 03 Jun 2011, 11:43

Doesn't look much like Prey. Not sure I'm feeling this Bounty Hunter crap either. =/
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Re: Prey 2 E3 Trailer released

Postby SkyBlueJukeBox » 03 Jun 2011, 13:35

Looks stunning!! The capture device seemed to use a portal, going on the colour (that orangey/yellow glow) and he was teleported away. I'd really like to know how they combine the stories though, this seems a world away from the harvesting humans idea of Prey.
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Re: Prey 2 E3 Trailer released

Postby Imaduck » 03 Jun 2011, 14:58

Looks great! Strong ME and Bladerunner vibes. Reminds me of Star Wars Episode 2, the city bits with Jango, aswell.
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