Kingdom Hearts 3D: Revitalising the series?

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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Revitalising the series?

Postby Smeggysmeg » 27 Mar 2011, 17:57

We remember a time when a new Kingdom Hearts was to be celebrated. It was somewhere between Kingdom Hearts I and II. Nomura has since driven the series further and further up its own Disney-branded backside.
I'm sure i'm not the only one who still looks forward to a new Kingdom Hearts. Played them all love them all and can't wait for Kingdom hearts 10 keep em coming.
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Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Revitalising the series?

Postby razors edge » 27 Mar 2011, 20:29

Never played one of these but if it gets good reviews I will get stuck in.
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Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Revitalising the series?

Postby metallicorphan » 27 Mar 2011, 22:29

i have Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 and they are great games,i got chain of memories for the Gameboy,and hated it

if Square Enix released Kingdom Hearts 2 + or Final Mix whatever it was called here in the UK that included the PS2 version of Chain of Memories i would of got that,but they didn't ..heard its because they are cock knockers,not sure
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Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Revitalising the series?

Postby Austic » 31 Mar 2011, 17:18

I really don't understand why people think Kingdom Hearts story is unfollowable. It's really not that convoluted of a series. It's very abstract, but if you are actually paying attention to the game then you shouldn't have a problem following it. Birth By Sleep was a fantastic game. If Nomura just kept the same old gameplay of the first 2 games then KH would be such a drole series. The gameplay elements (i.e. combat, story, extra features) of BBS was at the top of KH games. **SPOILER** We find out that Ventus' heart is actually within Sora's awaiting its reconstruction. We also find Aqua fell into the Realm of Darkness protecting Terra, and that Xehanort abducted Terra's body to produce Xemnas, who is the leader of the Organization 13 **. KH 358/2 Days is a little bit more boring than the other games, the gameplay is very redundant, but it helps explain a ton of questions from KH2 like who the hell Roxas is and why he was in the organization AND we find out about Xion who happens to also be apart of Sora. I mean the story isn't that complex it just involves complex and abstract ideas (like dreams) to relay relatively simple themes.

TL;DR - KH isn't convoluted, pay attention to the games.
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