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Beyond Good & Evil HD

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Above and beyond

Cult classic Beyond Good & Evil was never great business for Ubisoft. A killer combo of lofty ambitions, silly release scheduling and a noticeable lack of marketing drive meant the Zelda Lite adventure flopped on release like a beached whale struggling to breathe, and promptly died an... read more

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Beyond Good & Evil HD

Postby davidjgibson » 04 Mar 2011, 15:46

played this on the game cube and managed to find all the critters :) great game - highly recommeneded if you like these games

I will buy it once I (if I ever) put DCUO down and get through Dead Space Extraction and 1 & 2 - this year is crazy

hurray from pre-owned games!
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Re: Beyond Good & Evil HD

Postby Blue Odeyssey » 04 Mar 2011, 17:08

Absolutely brilliant, so much fun and on such a consistent level, even the mini games are enjoyable and challenging.

Must admit though I have run into a single bug which caused me to lose like 20 minutes progress, but these things happen.
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Re: Beyond Good & Evil HD

Postby appolyon » 05 Mar 2011, 11:07

It's a sure sign of how good a game is when you end up buying the re-release despite still owning the original. My original xbox copy has been languishing under the coffee table for years, unplayed since I finished it.

However I was first in line to download this HD update, and since then I've played nothing else. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare sits in my 360 disc tray gathering dust as I immerse myself once more in the idyllic world of Hillys.

Congratulations Ubisoft for reminding me that you're capable of more then Ray-man or Raving bloody Rabbids.
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Re: Beyond Good & Evil HD

Postby tshef83 » 11 Mar 2011, 00:50

The game is unplayable if you prefer playing with an inverted Y axis. Selecting this option inverts the X axis aswell, with no way of turning it off. Until this is changed the controls are all over the place for me :evil:
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