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Episode 37 is now live

In this episode we discuss 'number twos' - sequels, that is. LBP2, Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2... which is best? Also we have a bumper Q&A section and talk about Sony's 'Keyboard Qat'.... read more

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Get the NEW PSM3 PODCAST here!

Postby gypscanuck » 29 Jan 2011, 06:13

Hello PSM3 Team,

I have a few questions for you:
Could I be on the podcast? I run my own Machinima Series and TV show
I am avid reader of PSM3, hard core PS3 gamer
I can expalin modding, hacking, and all the jokes.

I beta test for major publishers, like Bio Ware, Bethesda, Crytek, ArenaNet.
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Re: Get the NEW PSM3 PODCAST here!

Postby T12AV15 » 29 Jan 2011, 13:44

^can you expalin why you can't spell explain though????

Hi PSM3, listened to the podcast on Thursday night. Really looking forward to the PSP2, I think Sony could be onto a winner here, however I will reserve judgement for now as Sony has only showed 2 early PS3 games running on it so far. This isn't a bad thing but if the whole catalogue of games is going to be old PS3 stuff then why would I spend £250-£350 on a portable machine to play games that we will more than likely be charged £20-£40 for when I can buy each game separately for around £10 on PS3.
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Re: Get the NEW PSM3 PODCAST here!

Postby H0P5 » 31 Jan 2011, 20:05

I enjoyed the podcast. Sort of.

Thanks for saying hi to our cat. However, I feel I must point out, Amy's facebook messages should be ignored.
Dan, did you know, often as I read my PSM magazine or listen to the podcast she will shout "I'm Daniel Dawkins and I'm playing my Massive Action Game" in a Welsh accent. The fact that Welsh Owen has left, and that I shelved MAG many months ago is irrelevent to her. She is mocking you all. If it was socially acceptable to beat women she would be in trouble. All I can do is warn you of her mocking ways. And put cat hair in her gravy this evening.

ps incase you wonder our cat is called Jeff because, around my way, somebody who has "Jeff" has bad breath. And our cat likes to sit on your lap and yawn in your face, and he never ever brushes his teeth.
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Re: Get the NEW PSM3 PODCAST here!

Postby T12AV15 » 02 Feb 2011, 00:45

Hi guys,
Couldn't agree more with what u said about mass effect 2 it's simply brilliant. And I agree with dan the missions involving the hammerhead are god awful.

After the big rant u guys had about cod blops I was wondering if u were prepared to accept that u scored it to high in the reviews it was never worth 90% for its single player campaign (which is what ur reviews are based on) especially when u consider some of the games u scored less than 90%.

Also excuse my ignorance Andy but I thought u guys all had degrees of some sort to do the job u do. So I was just wondering if u could shed some light on how u came about writing for psm3, btw nice to have u back in the podcasts again :-)
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Re: Get the NEW PSM3 PODCAST here!

Postby User75 » 04 Feb 2011, 21:28

loved it. :D :D
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