MAG update adds 'Multiqueue' feature

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Patch version 2.10 enhances game search feature, adds in-game screenshots

Ready for yet another MAG update? Of course you are. Patch version 2.10 is out today and adds, among other things, a new 'Multiqueue' feature.... read more

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MAG update adds 'Multiqueue' feature

Postby Malmo » 08 Dec 2010, 00:02

well i guess that rules out any action screenshots then...
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Re: MAG update adds 'Multiqueue' feature

Postby gobbybobby » 08 Dec 2010, 09:39

command to capture screenshots within

Command as in the shortcut key? Can I just press say L1 and R1 at same time to make a screenshot. Not played mag ins a few weeks. Will defo play later today for this new patch. Hope it does not take too long to DL.
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Re: MAG update adds 'Multiqueue' feature

Postby Padua » 08 Dec 2010, 10:02

Added feature that allows users to take in-game screenshots via XMB Photo menu (1280×720)

That doesn't sound easy and quick to use... :o
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