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Japanese games industry can be No.1 again - Naka

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Sonic creator says Japan must catch up to the West in terms of tech first

Yuji Naka thinks the Japanese games industry can bounce back to surpass the West by focusing on local specialities.... read more

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Japanese games industry can be No.1 again - Naka

Postby justforkicks101 » 11 Oct 2010, 12:39

liverpool fc can be No.1 again.. :roll:
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Re: Japanese games industry can be No.1 again - Naka

Postby Barca Azul » 11 Oct 2010, 12:46

I think they lost their way a long time ago and didnt move with the times compared to the west, its possible that they regain it, but they will have to diversify massively in the meantime.

Konami are probably the Publisher that have kept up the most for me. Sega on the other hand, just keep chrning out one mediocre game after another.
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Re: Japanese games industry can be No.1 again - Naka

Postby StokedUp » 11 Oct 2010, 14:35

This is all a matter of opinion, I still prefer Japanese games, 2 of my favourite games this year have been Japanese in Bayonetta and Final Fantasy 13, I could say Demon Souls aswell because that was released this year but I imported the jap version over a year ago. Plus now we have Castlevania LOS.
I think it's just all exaggerated a bit too much they arnt that far behind at all.
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Re: Japanese games industry can be No.1 again - Naka

Postby lordirongut » 11 Oct 2010, 16:34

The Japanese games industry is still no.1, imo. Certainly beats all those dumb first person shooters.
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Re: Japanese games industry can be No.1 again - Naka

Postby rick » 11 Oct 2010, 18:54

Yes there isn't one Japanese game in my collection.

It's not that they haven't moved on; quite the opposite in fact. They just take a lot more risks in pushing games forward, unfortunately not in the direction of western mainstream tastes.

It's funny how things have changed though. It wasn't that long ago that virtually all decent games and consoles came from japan.
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Re: Japanese games industry can be No.1 again - Naka

Postby FAUNA » 11 Oct 2010, 20:35

Anything Japanese is ALWAYS better than anything western. & DREAMCAST 2 PLEEAASSE!!
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Re: Japanese games industry can be No.1 again - Naka

Postby Domin666 » 12 Oct 2010, 08:49

Japan could rule in software if they do one thing gather all the best games engine's out there study them quickly and start building games again.The tech is out there it's games you need,to notch high grade smooth bug free games would bring the masses back.New games about diffrent thing's no this is killer zombie 16 crap release we all get bored by repertion,maybe do remakes of classics Resi evil and MGS1 would go down well in Japan and the rest of the world whilst you up your game and knowledge of the said Tech and market for IP's.Then launch your new IP's with some firmer ground to support these new games.Better still look into stories you have in the sci fi sector I personally think some of the best stories are japanesse sci fi ( I robot stolen from Armatige Japanesse sci fi) Get your Storie hot and the game should follow good if you dont make a mess of game's controles and mechanics.Personalised controle systems would give you unchallenged attention in the games market,who else would let you choose your own buttons no one cos they think we cannot make up controle layouts as been over 18 thickos.Give the gamer what he really wants and needs.

PS mail me if you need more ideas
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