Is this gaming's biggest ever waste of money?

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This Is Vegas canned, $50m up in smoke

The video games industry has been guilty of some astounding examples of wastefulness in its history. But Midway/Warner Bros sandbox title This Is Vegas is today revealed as perhaps the most spectacular of all time.... read more

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Is this gaming's biggest ever waste of money?

Postby dorian2011 » 24 Aug 2010, 16:41

i hate when good games fold before release :wink:
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Is this gaming's biggest ever waste of money?

Postby StonecoldMC » 24 Aug 2010, 16:45

Shame, but I always felt that this was a bit of a weird title, the premise of it just didnt click with me at all.
"Nintendo want to make money by supplying fun, Sony want to make money by supplying Art, MS want to make money."

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Postby ClockworkMonkey » 24 Aug 2010, 16:47

and it's our fault the games industry is having a tough time because we buy 2nd hand games....? please....
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Postby svd_grasshopper » 24 Aug 2010, 16:51

back to caesar's palace on gameboy then.
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Postby Wakamusha » 24 Aug 2010, 16:58

I clicked the link from Twitter. I assumed they were talking about Kinect. :-D
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Postby OriginalJonty » 24 Aug 2010, 17:01

Another gamble in the gaming market, another bust deal.
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Postby BeauBeau » 24 Aug 2010, 17:03

Epic Fail.
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Postby nathar » 24 Aug 2010, 17:09

BeauBeau wrote:Epic Fail.

Midway/Warner Bros Fail ;) Epic - doing OK :)

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Postby cam123 » 24 Aug 2010, 17:19

I was going to preorder this last year lol
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Postby AJB123644 » 24 Aug 2010, 17:21

If it wasn't going to be bad game play wise I might have considered picking it up. That said I hadn't even heard of it until now!

When we say they just put $50 million ish down the drain I suppose in reality you have to consider what they might be seeing. If the game somehow needed another year of development with perhaps another $10 million then it definately wouldn't be worth the cost and never get the revenue back. So why continue on pouring money into something which might end up costing more in the long run?

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Postby kimoak » 24 Aug 2010, 17:22

I am sure Duke Nuken Forever eclipsed by a country mile for wastage of money. I would love to know how much over the years they spent developing that gam.... erm... unfinished code.
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Postby Taimur » 24 Aug 2010, 17:28

I was following this a few years back; went off my radar but I was still looking forward to a release in the far future. Dunno about you guys, it seemed like a cool concept to me. Games like GTAIV have too much direction to be sandboxed; the story was beautiful but the rest sucked arse. Nothing to do in Liberty City, folks.

The bigger the focus on emergent gameplay and addictive side-missions, the more fleshed-out a sandbox feels. Look at RDR versus GTAIV. Hell, look at Saints Row 2 vs GTAIV in terms of play time. This Is Vegas looked to me to be based completely around this sort of thing; the concept attracted me. Shame.
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Postby casperthedog » 24 Aug 2010, 17:28

I remember a trailer of this game being on Xbox live around 2006-7, around the time i first got my xbox 360, saw it, throught it looked quite cool, sort of like an open-world vegas where you do what you wanted to do. Didnt realise the game still was being devloped, clearly the best decision.
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Postby JammyJames » 24 Aug 2010, 17:31

Well it better be good then, i could jinx it and say it's going to be an almighty's going to be an almighty flop :wink:
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Postby martinawatson » 24 Aug 2010, 17:33

Dont know why someone doesnt buy this and duke nukem and finish them off , more Duke Nukem really , they must both be about 60 -70 percent finished.
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