Linkin Park headline Medal of Honor soundtrack

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Nu Metal meets modern warfare...

Popular Nu Metal/Rock band Linkin Park have teamed up with EA for the release of their new single The Catalyst.... read more

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Linkin Park headline Medal of Honor soundtrack

Postby c3dpo » 28 Jul 2010, 10:47

What, not Eminem????? :(

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Postby altitude2k » 28 Jul 2010, 10:56

Cheap :roll:
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Postby IbanezLewis » 28 Jul 2010, 11:01

How about Symphony X instead! :P
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Postby glennerzzz » 28 Jul 2010, 11:04

could they not have got a better band? linkin park are godawful...
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Postby kimoak » 28 Jul 2010, 11:11


That's because your legs have been blown off...
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Postby equinox80 » 28 Jul 2010, 11:12

In the end... it doesn't really matter
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Postby GTCzeero » 28 Jul 2010, 11:29


That's because your legs have been blown off...

Which leads nicely to Crawling.
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Postby pmantis » 28 Jul 2010, 11:48

This game is going to be poo on a stick. Sorry that beta left an awful taste in my mouth. On the other hand black ops looks very promising!
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Postby Ror1984 » 28 Jul 2010, 11:55

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Postby KK-Headcharge78 » 28 Jul 2010, 13:02

Aww I really wanted another wargame with a soundtrack from the ever talented rap genre, more talk of homies, bi**hes, cars, guns, gold chains and badly dressed people going 'hoorah'

Useless gits, mind you LP are hardly the biz either, get some proper metal on there, innit.


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Postby Wakacha » 28 Jul 2010, 13:21

"If assholes could fly, this place would be an airport." - Anonymous
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Postby Jimmy Luxury » 28 Jul 2010, 13:36

That's fantastic. They quite literally read my mind on this one. Unfortunately they read the bit where I think Linkin Park suck monkey balls. I'm gonna play this game with Richard Cheese singing People = S**t over the top anyway. Nothing like lounge music to get you into the killing mood.
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Postby minimalistic » 28 Jul 2010, 13:50

Off, i want off button for soundtrack.
start as you mean to go on
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Postby RandyTandy » 28 Jul 2010, 19:05

Why Linkin Park? I don't want to breach a door in the game as there's music in the background that makes me want to cut myself.

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Postby Fordhandsfree » 28 Jul 2010, 19:28

Whoever said Linkin Parks music is the kind of stuff youd slit your wrists to clearly hasnt listened to all their albums. This song sounds class and not depressing in the slightest, it also fits very well with the trailer. In My Opinion.
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