Sega rules out Alpha Protocol sequel

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No more versions of Obsidian title planned - despite 'brilliant concept'

Sega has ruled out the possibility of it publishing a sequel to Alpha Protocol - as it admits that the game's sales were lower than expected.... read more

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Sega rules out Alpha Protocol sequel

Postby JablesKage » 06 Jul 2010, 12:22

No surprise really the 1st was buggy as hell and they still haven't brought out a patch yet!!! Obsidian has a habit of messing up good franchises with half arsed sequels!
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Postby bigbaz2a » 06 Jul 2010, 12:46

The game was ok, but ooozed potential rather than delivering

Sega are t**ts, obsidian bugger up everythin they touch, give the rights to bioware, let them clean up your mess
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Postby neteder35 » 06 Jul 2010, 13:41

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Postby Leders » 06 Jul 2010, 14:30

bigbaz2a wrote:The game was ok, but ooozed potential rather than delivering

Sega are t**ts, obsidian bugger up everythin they touch, give the rights to bioware, let them clean up your mess

If Bioware had done this... well it would have been epic! As it was, it was ok, nothing special as previously mentioned.... much potential, badly put together
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Postby casperthedog » 06 Jul 2010, 15:25

Thats so disipointing to hear. I actually really enjoyed my time with Alpha Protocol. Yes, the gunplay wasnt great and the graphics were generally very average, but i found the whole experience of finishing it fun and engagaging, as the choices really effected what you saw and how others interacted with you. Played it the two different extremes (goody too shoes and then the selfish way) and everything i saw changed.

I hope they go back to the idea at some point, because i really do belive with refinement and improvement, it could very well be a Mass Effect competitor, which i love greatly as well.
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Postby c97dem » 06 Jul 2010, 15:54

bigbaz2a wrote:Sega are t**ts, obsidian bugger up everythin they touch, give the rights to bioware, let them clean up your mess

And Obsidian are doing Fallout: New Vegas....let's see how they cock that one up!

Alpha Protocol kinda shows you how absolute s**t Obsidian's Aliens RPG would have been like, thank Cthulhu that got canned! (Just hope Colonial Marines doesnt get canned as I havent played a bad Gearbox game yet!)
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Postby djjimmy » 06 Jul 2010, 16:14

Sega you bastards! I won't deny that AP was buggy as hell, especially for a game that was delayed alot, but I still loved every second of it. Obsidian are an iffy bunch and the game would've been much better under Bioware or some other studio but I did love AP for the game it was, it was an incredible concept and I loved the game it became, bugs and all. Disappointing to hear there won't be a sequel :(
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Postby dreamcaster » 06 Jul 2010, 18:11

Have to agree that although AP lacked graphical clout, was riddled with bugs and had sub-standard gunplay/cover mechanics, I really enjoyed it. Every conversation actually carried consequences to the rest of the game, rather than games like ME, which just give that impression (still loving ME2 though :wink: )
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Postby runadumb » 06 Jul 2010, 19:36

Was tempted by AP during the steam sale but i've got plenty of great games to keep me going for a few months. Maybe during a christmas sale or something.
Obsidian do seem to have a very poor track record of finishing games. Vampire: The bloodlines was amazing but buggy as hell and clearly unfinished. Then there was KOTOR2 and now this. They seem to have great ideas but just lack wait, they polish everything in s**t. SO much potential.
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Postby labguy2960 » 06 Jul 2010, 20:04

Epic Fail! Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa!
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Postby _Marty_ » 06 Jul 2010, 23:44

Shame, cos a sequel could've fixed the issues of the first... Worked for Assassins Creed - great concept, but flawed. But the sequel was awesome.

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Postby funkyjack » 07 Jul 2010, 13:06

I really enjoyed AP, and I think it had a lot going for it as a franchise so this is a real shame.
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