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Let's do the time warp

We love being pleasantly surprised by a game. Despite backing Singularity after seeing it at GamesCom last year, all the signs pointed to this sci-fi shooter turning out to be a bit of a stinker. It's made by the same people who did Wolfenstein, it was touted as a Bioshock clone, and it's been shoved out into the world and left to die by Activision. With no PR or marketing to back it on release, we assumed something had gone terribly wrong in development. A cruel irony, since the game is about something going terribly wrong in development...... read more

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Postby PandyBear » 01 Jul 2010, 18:47

I bought it this morning, just on the off chance. And im actually suprised, its actually quite fun to play. Feels to me like a cross between Half-life/FEAR/Timesplitters/Bioshock.
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Postby legion » 02 Jul 2010, 23:31

I got this game the other day and i was suprised by it, it starts off abit slow but the story is rather good and the time manipulation in it is pretty good, only issue i had was all the endings are pretty bad
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Postby DarkArchon » 03 Jul 2010, 09:42

Just finished the game (on PC I might add), and personally I think the TMD use was balanced quite nicely against the shooty gameplay. Sure the stuff you could use your TMD on was fairly limited, but in combat it made a handy device (although the ageing mechanic guzzles a bit too much E99 early in the game. later that changes), but once you get Deadlock it becomes super useful. The bubble really makes it easier to deal with fast enemies and combined with Impulse you can really make a mess of most of them. Add the gravity gun function and "incredible machine" style hilarity ensues as you launch exploding barrels and such into the time hole before collapsing it.

As for the weaponry, I loved the Seeker, and while I could understand that they didn't want us to have this weapon all the time, having it so rarely was a bit of a let-down, manual controlled bullets are awesome.
As the game progressed though my weapon loadout of choice was the shotgun (which thanks to it's pretty amazing rate of fire feels awesome from the get-go) and the Autocannon (exactly what it says on the tin).
The spiker, while awesome in concept felt weak, the sniper rifle was too situational and the assault rifle just didn't pack enough punch, especially compared to the Autocannon & shotgun.
You could say the Valkyrie's range was an advantage, but you rarely needed it, most stuff happened up close anyway.
The pistol is handy, but could have been more I feel.

also, did anyone notice how dramatically they changed the opening of the game compared to some of the earlier story trailers? The original opening I saw was the player crashing their spyplane on a flyby of the island after odd stuff was reported, and now you're a marine flying in by chopper (and crashing).
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Postby I Kiliedes » 07 Jul 2010, 12:39

it looks good. I saw it a while ago and thought it looked. I may get it when teh price drops a bit.
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Postby olivia » 04 Aug 2010, 06:47

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Re: Singularity

Postby l1nc » 02 Jan 2011, 10:48

I treated myself to this game preowned for £12. Oh my god what an awesome game the single player story is awesome and so much better than other fps. Activision are so blind and stupid not to of advertised this game. What are they playing at, plugging stale games like tony hawk and guitar hero and leaving this to die in bargain buckets. I hope raven (the developers) leave activision and go under sony or microsoft before Activision make em go bankrupt.
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Postby Mawerick » 14 Jul 2013, 16:30

very good game so underrated
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